Uploading Audio Files

Your audio files must be either a lossless WAV or Flac file and meet the following quality requirements:

2 Channels (Stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 Khz
Sample Size 16 bit
Bit Rate 1411 kbps

If your file is not already a WAV or FLAC you can convert you files using a software or website of your choice. We recommend using Online Audio Converter, which is an easy to use website for you to upload and convert your audio files. Simply select your file in Step 1, choose which file type you would like to convert to in Step 2, and click ‘Convert’!

Alternatively you can use editing software such as Audacity, which is a program you must download to your computer, to easily edit and save your audio files in the correct format.

It’s important that you properly convert your files and don’t just change the file extension to .wav or .flac because if you do this your files will not be properly converted and will therefore be rejected by the stores.

Once you have the files in the correct format you can add tracks by dragging and dropping them into the grey or by clicking the upload files button.


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