Spinnup Academy

Here at Spinnup we always want you to be one step ahead of the curve. So we are incredibly proud to launch our newest video series: Spinnup Academy.

Have your notebooks at the ready as these bite-sized knowledge-packed videos aim to help you manoeuvre your way through the music industry, guided by some of the best minds at Universal Music.

From jargon-busting to A&R with senior Polydor A&R manager Rich Castillo, pitching to playlists and how to build followings plus MUCH MORE, this informational series breaks down the best insider tips that you can’t even find on Google (and given to you by people who have been working in the industry for years).

Week by week, we will be taking you through each instalment, giving a summary of the key things to take away from each video. But remember this is an academy, so we will be testing you along the way!

Get a head start now by clicking on the video below which will take you through to all of the lessons and we will be back with our first breakdown next week. Don’t be late!

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