How Do I Get My Music On Tik Tok?

Get on the bandwagon. Tik Tok may not be around forever but it certainly has the attention of most young people today. Add yourself to the attention pool!

Tik Tok used to be ‘’ which was dedicated to making lip syncing clips. Tik Tok is used for that also, along with memes and skits. The length of a clip can be up to 15seconds. Great for a mini showcase of your music. What do we mean? You add your own with your music playing on the clip. Add your own lip sync, your own skit. Better still, get others involved and they can post with you music added.

What should I do now?


Download tik tok and create a profile

It’s very easy to do and self explanatory. Once you’re up and running you will be able to search for your music in the Tik Tok library – this is if you have distributed your music to them. If you have yet to distribute to them, you can make a video and attach your music to it, then upload that video to Tik Tok. You upload by clicking your profile photo in the app. Make sure to name your music! Put the artist and track name so that people can share the correct title inside of the app, and search for it outside of the app.


Get your music on TikTok


As Rosalyn Boder noted, at the moment Spinnup doesn’t distribute your music directly to TikTok. So how do you actually get your music on the platform? There are a couple of ways you can do this.


The first is to create some sort of promotional video. This could be something as straightforward as an image of your artwork, with the song attached. You could also record a video with your song playing in the background. The audio quality will depend on the method and equipment you use. Bear in mind what we said earlier about choosing the right 15-seconds of the song because that will be critical to your success.


Once you have uploaded the video, click on the spinning profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner. You can then edit it to give your sound a title. This will usually be formatted as ‘track name – artist name’, or if your username is already your artist name, then just put the ‘track name’. Make sure you spell the title of your sound correctly. The last thing you want is your song to start trending with a spelling mistake!


Tik Tok puts most popular content first

Much like all social media algorithms, Tik Tok will showcase the most popular content first. So how do you rise above the noise? Influencers and contests. Send your (cut down to 15seconds) music to influencers on the app. Think everyone! Cosmetic influencers, luxury item influencers, youtubers etc etc. It doesn’t matter. They all have large audiences and almost everyone likes music. Give them a catchy track they can use to push their own brand. You win as well. Their audience will hear your track and most definitely are sharing their favourite influencers posts, which means your music is shared multiple times. This strategy has been known to increase streams on Spotify as people search for ‘that cool song on Tik Tok’.



Tik Tok still has a huge number of lip syncing going on. Why? Because it’s fun. Get your fans to lip sync to a track of yours (that has been distributed to Tik Tok and that they will find in the library). The most entertaining lip sync post wins! Wins what? That’s for you to decide. What would a fan want? Probably unreleased material. Something others don’t have yet. If you don’t have unreleased material send merch in the form of a t shirt. That’s a small cost to you for free advertising via a contest. No merch? Send a handwritten setlist and some photos and tracks on USB. We know a setlist on a throw away piece of paper isn’t exciting to you because you write them all the time. But it is exciting to someone outside of the industry.

Run the contest for a couple of weeks, and promo it every second day – sharing peoples clips on Tik Tok and repost on Facebook and Instagram too so that audience can see what you’re up to – and hear the track!

There is a work around for not having your song on Tik Tok for people to lip sync to. Place it on soundcloud and send a free download link out on all your socials, where people can get it and add it to their post that way. Remember to only put a 15second clip on soundcloud otherwise you’re creating extra work for people – and contests need to be easy for the end consumer!


Choose a catchy part of your song

You have 15seconds at most. Songs that go viral on Tik Tok are often mid tempo and very catchy. Choose the catchiest part of your song, something with lyrics that are easy to remember, and even repetitive. We want others to gravitate towards your song quickly. Catchy often means simple. Forget the complicated guitar solo section of the track (that we absolutely adore, but it’s not about us).

By now a lot of you will have heard the story of Lil Nas X going viral on Tik Tok. He credits most of his success to the app. But he didn’t just upload his music and hope for the best. He created a lot of content and memes. Things users of the app love to share. Make it easy for people to share your content. Spoiler: making things easy for others means a lot of work for you. Apple do a lot of work and we enjoy the ease of using their products, and people speak about that company constantly. We are here with you and to help you with some of your workload. It will be worth it.


Use a dedicated hashtag

Tik Tok reads similar to Instagram. When you sign in you can scroll vertically through posts and viral content. It also utilises hashtags. Whenever your post something use a hashtag that is unique to you – some use their band name. When you run a contest, use a hashtag dedicated to that contest and ask all entrants to use that tag as well to make their entries valid. This groups all uploads with that hashtag, and allows followers of your account see what the hashtag is linked to and what others are uploading using it. Push it far enough and you’ll be trending. Celebrities and TV hosts (Fallon) often trend with hashtags. Yes they have a giant crew and lots of money, but why allow them to always trend? Give them a run for their money (heck, send them your song to use on their trending posts and get some of their money).

If you are new to Tik Tok, it won’t take you long to understand it. Think of it as easily shareable instagram stories. We are eagerly awaiting to see your contests online! We have some of our own that you can join in on to play festivals and get gig slots. Keep online with us and tag us in your content too!!