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At Spinnup we know it can be really hard to get your music in front of the right people. That’s why we are more than just a music distribution service.

We were created by Universal Music to help them find the best new unsigned and undiscovered artists. They have a direct link into our platform and regularly offer record deals to our artists. We’ve now helped sign over 40 artists!

Success Stories

Model Aeroplanes

Young Scottish 4-piece, Model Aeroplanes were discovered by Spinnup UK scout Yvonne in October 2014 after uploading single "Club Low" via Spinnup.
The band have since been on a journey that has seen them support some of their favourite bands such as The View, Twin Atlantic, Little Comets and hotly tipped newcomer Saint Raymond as well as their own sold out headline tour. The band has also been busy at other festivals winning crowds over at places like Dot-to-Dot, The Great Escape and Live at Leeds.
Having recently found a new home at the iconic Island Records via Spinnup, the future is bright for Model Aeroplanes with a pile of further festival appearances as well as the release of their debut EP.


The young EDM duo released their first single "Bouncer" on Spinnup in 2013 and quickly built a steady following, with 4000 streams per day. The Spinnup team noticed their rising popularity and took their second single, "UFO"to Mikael "Misan" Wadström within Universal Music’s A&R team. After only a few weeks of Misan and the Spinnup team working together, Vigiland were offered and signed a record deal with Universal Music and "UFO" became one of 2014’s biggest summer hits. Today, "UFO" has nearly 60 million streams on Spotify and counting. Their latest single "Shots & Squats" was released in early June and shot to the #1 position on Spotify’s Top 50 list, with over 32 million streams in only 2 months. As of July 2017, Vigiland has accumulated over 300 million streams on Spotify!


Albin signed up to Spinnup to distribute his music himself after struggling to get the attention of record labels. He was quickly spotted by one of the Spinnup scouts, Sebastian, who began working with him. Sebastian played Albin’s song "Din Soldat" at one of the regular A&R meetings with Universal Music. The A&R team loved the track and everything else that Albin was working on and signed him immediately. Shortly after signing, Albin’s track became the #1 Summer hit in Sweden in 2014 and went five-times platinum. Albin followed up with his heart-felt track "Frank", featuring DMA and we’re pleased to say he’s continuing to enjoy huge and well deserved success.


Acclaimed producer and DJ Alfons is an artist destined for big things. Hailing from Stockholm, the young Swede’s fiercely unique style of production and wholehearted passion for his art is getting him noticed internationally. His big hit, "Ganjaman" was first released on Spinnup in late November 2014 and was picked up by our scout Ali, who introduced him to our friends at Universal Music. Alfons was signed and "Ganjaman" became a huge hit – with nearly 45 million streams on Spotify.


IRO is an alternative artist from New York City who was discovered by Spinnup scout Christoffer. He was introduced to the A&R team at Universal Music and became the first Spinnup signing across the Atlantic. "Sun" was released through Universal Music in May 2015, and since then he has been streamed nearly 2 million times. We can’t wait to track IRO’s continued success.


Kassandra was scouted by Martin and introduced to the A&Rs in 2014. Two of her singles were presented, one of which caught the attention of more than one A&R. The single that paved the way for her was "Run". In August 2015, it was confirmed: Kassandra signed with Universal Music and is working on her debut album.

Ida LaFontaine

18-year old LaFontaine released her single "The Anthem" on Spinnup in 2014. Shortly after that, Spinnup scout Marcus offered to work with her and pitched her single to Universal Music. It didn’t take long before she had her own record deal and is now rising to fame, with nearly 2 million streams on Spotify and an appearance on the biggest live music show on Swedish television.

Dolly Dolores

Dolly Dolores released her single "På Måndag Börjar Jag Igen" through Spinnup in May 2014. The song was quickly discovered by Spinnup scout Ali and was signed to Universal Music by that September.

Mountain Bird

Discovered by Spinnup scout Amanda, Mountain Bird (Adam Öhman), was introduced to Universal Music’s A&Rs back in in 2013 and was the first record deal originating from Spinnup. His song "Don’t Mind" was his first single and he’s been going strong ever since, with two further EPs and two singles.


The past 12 months has been a whirlwind for Jireel, the 16 year old rapper from southern Sweden. Working with producer Jeff Roman (formerly known as Gameboii), who has produced artists such as Pato Pooh, Denz and Eboi/Erik Lundin, he released his first track "Här & Nu" in 2015. It was an instant hit, reaching over 10,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. Not a bad result for a teenager's debut single! Following it up with the feel good track "Langa Luren", Jireel is currently working on his debut EP.

Adam Portnoff

Adam Portnoff was discovered by Spinnup Scout Nora and presented to one of Universal Sweden's A&R’s. They immediately wanted to sign not only the single, "Dum", but an artist deal with Adam as well! Hailing from southern Stockholm, Adam has studied at the well known artist factory/music school Rytmus, which has produced artists such as Tove Lo and Urban Cone. His debut single "Dum" was created alongside producer Jesper Adefelt.


After being hyped up by Timmy Trumpet on his wildly popular Freak Show podcast, Zanko's single "Vodka On The Rocks" exploded onto the streaming charts. After reaching #16 on the Global Viral 50, #3 on Viral in Sweden, #5 Viral in Norway and #2 Viral in Denmark, the track was signed to Universal Music Sweden!

I Am Karate

Meet I Am Karate, the dynamic duo made up of Erika Soldh Ahlström and Marta Pettersson. A DIY team, they write and produce all their own music, blending indie pop with electronica and R&B. After amassing over 500,000 streams on Spotify and awarded Best Unsigned Act by music mag Gaffa, they were signed to Universal Music. After a string of single releases, I Am Karate will release their debut EP in Autumn 2016.

Ben Mitkus

Ben Mitkus is an up and coming YouTuber with over 180,000 subscribers on his channel - a number that grows every day! He gained popularity after starring in the Swedish TV show Ung & Bortskämd in 2013, and uses his channel to communicate regularly with his many fans. Through his singing, acting and dancing he met producer duo Ari Lehtonen & EARON, who produced his debut single, "Kills Me".


After releasing their single "Goosebumps" through Spinnup in March 2015 and racking up a huge number of streams, SMILO caught the attention of the scouts and was signed to Svenska Inspelningar/Universal Music. Since then the trio have released two more singles in their signature tropical house style, featuring rich melodies and sun-soaked saxophone riffs which have earned them over 5 million streams!


Mavrick was first discovered by scout Ali, who presented him at an A&R meeting and was immediately signed by Universal. His debut single "Remedy" was released in 2015 to critical acclaim, catching the attention of music legend, and Beats 1 presenter Zane Lowe, who featured Mavrick on his internationally popular radio show.

Ember Island

It's not easy to get widespread attention by covering an international hit song, but Ember Island did just that with their cover of Jack Ü's "Where Are You Now?" on Spinnup. After hearing it, Universal Music was immediately interested, releasing the track as an official remix on Atlantic Records. They have since signed with Universal and released a second wildly successful cover with The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face".

Sa'ra Charismata

Sa’ra Charismata uploaded her first single "Hole" on Spinnup in 2013 shortly before she was discovered by Spinnup Scout Martin. Their collaboration resulted in Sa'ra's next single "Gold Digga", which Martin produced, and then presented to the A&Rs of Universal. This piqued their interest, but it was her latest single Mushroom that really kicked things into high gear, attracting attention at Swedish national radio and on Spotify, and resulted in Sa'ra's signing to Universal Music. She is now back in the studio and working on more new music.

Chris Brenner

Chris Brenner started his own YouTube channel at the age of 15, recording and uploading a series of cover songs. Chris soon grew tired of performing other people's songs and began to write and release his own music through Spinnup. It didn't take long before he was discovered by scout Tobias, who presented Chris to the A&R team at Universal Music, and was offered a label deal. 'One Shot', the debut EP by Chris Brenner was released by Universal Music in May of 2016.


Nanik was the lucky winner of Raptags 2015, a rap contest produced by Spinnup Germany in collaboration with labels Chapter ONE and Universal Music. Releasing his music through Spinnup made him eligible for the competition, where he was able to showcase his impressive lyrical skill to the fans and the jury, beating out 500 other contestants to take out the winning title. As part of his prize Nanik achieved his goal of signing a record deal, with Chapter ONE/Universal Music.

Emil Kruse

You may already be familiar with Emile Kruse, who has been making music for years as a member of the Grime group Sleng, and as a solo artist under the name Aesthetic. Trying out a new, more melodic sound, Kruse released "Hvorhen" on Spinnup in early 2016, his first single under his own name. The track quickly caught the attention of the 2016 Spinnup Scholarship jury, and in April Kruse was awarded the scholarship. Shortly afterwards he was offered a record deal with Universal Music Denmark, with whom he is currently working on his new EP.


Levant describes himself as a rare mix, and we couldn't agree more. Raised in Copenhagen but with Turkish and Pakistani roots, his musical influences were shaped by his background, but also his passion for hip hop. He was discovered by scout Amin and signed to Universal Music Denmark in late 2015. Currently working on new music, Amin has been assisting with A&R and product management on Levant's singles "Ka’ Ik’ Se Mig" and "Forstår Du".


Swedish EDM producer JNT was first discovered by scout Ali after the release of his single "Lille Preben", before being presented and signed to Polydor in Sweden. The label renamed the track "Vem Är Du?" (Swedish for 'Who Are You?') and re-released it as the unofficial anthem of the Sweden v Denmark playoff games for the Euro 2016 Championship. The song's popularity skyrocketed after that and has now been streamed close to 4 million times on Spotify!

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