Your Spinnup profile is your opportunity let Spinnup artists know about you and what type of music you are looking for. Artists will use your profile to decide who to push their music to, so it’s a great way to make sure you attract the right artists.

First let us know where you are from, include the city you live in, not just the country. Next select the genres you are looking for. You can select as many genres as you like, but try to be selective and choose the genres you are really interested in. This will help narrow down the artists that push their music to you and you can always make changes to your genre selections if you wish.

The ‘About’ section is for you to really get your message across, let the artists know a bit about what drives you, what skills you have and to tell them how you think you can help them develop their career. It’s also a good opportunity to go into a bit more detail about the type of music you are looking for, maybe it’s a very specific sub-genre that excites, if so let the artists know.

Add a photo of yourself, it’s always nice to put a face to the story.

We also recommend that you record a short video of yourself. It will make your profile feel much more personal.

Here’s some tips for you to help you record a great video:

1. Pause for 1 second before starting to speak.

2. Speak loudly, with a lot of energy.

3. Make sure it’s not so noisy you can’t be heard and try not to have music playing in the background.

4. Make sure the majority of the light is shining in your face and not towards the camera

5. Keep the camera as steady as possible.

6. Try to film landscape, not portrait, (make your smart phone long not tall).

7. Do some practice runs before you start filming.

And finally, please let your scout manager know when you’ve finished making updates.


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