Congratulations on Completing your Spinnup Release!

So what happens next?

Order Confirmation – within 2 hrs
In the next few hours you will receive an email from us confirming your order.

Your release will be reviewed by our staff – 1-2 working days from now
Over the next 1- 2 working days the Spinnup team will review your release and check that all the information and files you have submitted meet the requirements and guidelines of the stores. If everything looks good they will process your order and you will then receive an email from us confirming your release has been approved.
If for any reason the Spinnup team find a problem with your release that would mean that the stores won’t accept it, we will email you to let you know what is wrong. Just follow the instructions in the email and your release should be on it’s way to the stores in no time.

Your release will be delivered to the stores – 3-7 working days from now
Once your release is approved by the Spinnup team it will be automatically delivered to the stores. If you have set a specific release date you can expect to see your release available on all stores on this date. If you selected the option to release ASAP, your music will be available 3-7 working days after. All the stores process releases slightly differently so you will need to check them separately to see when your music is available.

Trend data is available – 1 day after your release is streamed
A day or two after your music starts getting streamed on Spotify, you will start seeing trend data. This is an indication of how many people are streaming your music – the figures are not final so you shouldn’t use them for sales reporting.

Sales reports are available – 3-4 months after your release is streamed or downloaded
You can expect to see your first sales report and be able to withdraw the money relating to those sales 3 – 4 months from when it is streamed or downloaded. The sales report will be published in your “Stats & Activity” on or around the 10th of every month. There are no limits to when or how often you withdrawing your money, but you cannot withdraw less than €10 or the equivalent

Here is a quick example, if you made a sale on iTunes at the start of January, the sale would be reported through by iTunes to Spinnup at the end of March. Spinnup would then process all of the iTunes reporting (in addition to the reporting from all other services) and publish the sales data on your dashboard at the earliest opportunity, which would typically be on or around the 10th of April. We can’t unfortunately give an exact or fixed date each month because sometimes the services report late or deliver their reporting with errors that we have to work through with them to fix.

What can you do while you wait?
While you are waiting for your release to hit the stores it’s a good idea to make sure you have completed your artist profile and connected your social accounts. You can also start to think about how to promote your new release when it is live – for example with a launch party or on social media.


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