Get your songs mastered online with Cuttingroom Studios!

When aiming to become an artist, music quality is crucial. Spinnup will be working with Cuttingroom Studios in order to make your music even better than before.

We’re proud to announce this exclusive opportunity for you to get online mastering for your songs through Cuttingroom Studios. Cuttingroom is one of the most famous studios in Sweden and have produced several world-wide hits since 1978.  Now, one of these hits could be yours!

In just 3 easy steps you can sign up:

1. Login to your Spinnup account.

2. Go to your settings page (personal information section) and fetch your user ID.

3. Go to the offers page, click the link and claim your deal.

This offer includes 15% off the total price of your online mastering through Cuttingroom Studios.

For more information about this offer and how to proceed, click HERE!

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So you’ve made some really good music and want to release it on Spinnup. But what about the artwork?

To help you out with this, we at Spinnup have partnered up with Cover Art Factory. Cover Art Factory offers affordable, high quality, digital cover art design. Select a design, upload a photo, enter your info and within 48 hours Cover Art Factory will deliver your new artwork for your single, EP or album.

As a Spinnup customer you get 10% off.  Just go to, order your design and enter the code SPINNUP to get your discount!


In need of some studio time?

MFG Studios in Stockholm are now in a collaboration with Spinnup and are offering a 20% discount for all your recording needs. All you have to do when you want to book a room for rehearsal is to email them at and link to your Spinnup profile to receive the discount.

About MFG
MFG Studios is a completely new music complex in Vasastan, Stockholm where you can practice, record, mix and master all kinds of music.

The prices range from 1100–1700 SEK depending on the type of room or the time you want to book it. However, for Spinnup artists this would be between 880–1360 SEK with the 20% discount. The prices are for a 3-hour session/week for a month. For more information about MFG Studios and the spaces they have to offer, please visit:


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