More About Scouts

The Spinnup Scouts are a network of music lovers looking to find new acts. They come from a variety of different backgrounds like PR, marketing, management, production and digital media and share a passion for discovering and developing new music and talent.

Spinnup Scouts listen to the music released through Spinnup and try and give feedback, support and advice. When they find artists they love they present them to Universal Music’s A&R teams with the hope of helping them get a record deal. Our scouts are looking for artists across all genres, take a look at their individual profiles and choose the right scout for you.

There’s a few things you can do to help increase your chances of being noticed by a Spinnup Scout:

Create a release – The most important thing is releasing your music. As soon as you create a release and before it even hits the stores, the scouts will be able to listen to your music. The scouts regularly browse the site listening to new releases and keep an ear on artists that spark their interest. After listening to your release, if they have feedback they may leave you a comment.

Connect your socials – Even before you have a uploaded your music, you can connect your social accounts to help get noticed. The scouts are always looking out for early indications of artists that are popular on social networks so they can be the first to discover them.

Complete your artist profile – Use your profile page to tell the scouts (and the public) a bit more about you.

Push your track to a scout – To get the attention of a particular scout, give them a “push”. Every time you make a release you will receive 3 pushes, each of which allows you to send one track directly to a scout of your choice along with a short message. It’s a good idea to let the scout know what type of feedback you are looking for in this message. You can only push your track to a particular scout once, so select your scout wisely.


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