Master your music with CloudBounce

So you’ve finally finished recording and mixing your track, you’re happy with it, but there’s one very important step left before it’s ready for distribution: audio mastering.

Introducing: CloudBounce, a mastering tool for independent artists which is quick, easy and won’t break the bank.

But before we get into it, let’s cover the basics…

What is mastering? 

Traditionally done by an audio mastering specialist, mastering involves touching-up and enriching the tone and loudness of your music to give it that professional, polished sound.

Each artist may have a different opinion on the characteristics of how they want their final master to sound, but it’s generally a process of enhancing the loudness, colour, shape and energy of their finished pre-master track.

Why should I master my music?

Your final mix already sounds good, right? So why do anything else to it?

There are loads of reasons that mastering is important but if we had to summarise in one simple sentence it would be, because it sounds better.

Mastering supercharges your track, refining the sound and reducing any problem frequencies, it ensures the loudness levels are correct so that your song has the maximum impact on listeners.

By mastering your music you ensure that your track doesn’t sound out of place when listened to alongside other music on playlists etc. in terms of its loudness levels.

The mastering process also identifies and eliminates problems in your final mixdown which could cause problems in the listening experience (such as phase cancellation)

Auto-mastering with CloudBounce 

Using a combination of algorithms and machine listening technology CloudBounce has automated the process of mastering making it faster, more accessible and cheaper for independent artists.

How does it work? 

When you upload a track and choose its genre, a combination of EQ, multi-band compression, limiting and stereo imagining are applied to it to give you a professional sounding master that fits with the broad characteristics of the genre. You can also upload a reference track which you like and CloudBounce will use the data from the audio file to create a mastering profile for your track which sounds similar.

You can further tweak the result by increasing or decreasing loudness, warmth, midrange, brightness, bass and stereo width. You can then download your track in high quality lossless audio formats or as an MP3. CloudBounce allows batch uploading of tracks to master entire albums in minutes, and its cloud storage lets you keep all your mastered tracks in one place.

Is CloudBounce the right mastering tool for you? 

CloudBounce is an amazing solution for independent artists. Not only does it put you in control of the mastering process, but it’s also easy and quick to use, allowing you to master your tracks in seconds at affordable prices. And instead of the back and forth involved in tweaking your master to your preference with an engineer once you’ve received an initial version, CloudBounce lets you tweak settings and hear the results in real-time.

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