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Why is my EP labelled as a single in some digital stores?

Digital stores all have their own way of labeling releases, dependent on various factors such as number of tracks and track lengths. e.g. on iTunes a single will be 1-3 tracks provided each of the tracks are less than 10 minutes long, however, if one of the tracks be over 10 minutes then the release will be labelled as an EP. So that you’re aware, Spinnup (and some digital stores) classify release types purely on the number tracks included in the release (1-2 single, 3-6 EP and 7-14 album). This doesn’t make any practical difference but you may see different labels used on different stores.
Here’s a bit more detail on the 10 minute track rule mentioned above: a track can be any length you like but if you release one to three tracks and one of the tracks is longer than 10 minutes iTunes automatically classes the release as an ‘EP’ and puts the retail price up accordingly. Similarly, if your release contains four to six tracks but the total length is 30 minutes or more iTunes automatically classes it as an album and fixes the price accordingly.

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