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Why hasn’t my release been listened to by a scout?

Spinnup scouts are always on the look out for new exciting artists and well written songs. They use the Spinnup player as a key tool to find new artists but there are only 24 hours in the day and despite their best efforts no scout can listen to all songs released through Spinnup immediately and some songs may not be listened to at all. To help you to get heard by the best scout we created the “push” tool which you can read about here. Please bear in mind that pushing your music to a scout doesn’t guarantee that they will listen, but it significantly increases the chances if you have researched the scout and found a good match. To further increase your chances we strongly recommend making sure that your artist profile is complete and includes all of your social media (we know the scouts are really interested in this) and if you push your track to a scout and it doesn’t go anywhere we recommend choosing a different scout the next time you use the push tool.

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