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When will my release be live in stores?

You can set a date for your release, at least three weeks in advance. If you wish for the release to go up as soon as possible, you simply leave it blank. Then we send your release to the stores within 48 hours after payment. Each service needs to process it themselves but they should only take a few days. The approximate time frames for each partner are:

iTunes: 1-5 days*
Amazon MP3: 3-7 business days
Google Play: 3-7 business days
Spotify: 2-7 business days
Rhapsody: 3-7 business days
TIDAL: 3-7 business days
Deezer: 2-7 business days

*IMPORTANT: iTunes randomly selects some releases to go through an internal store review process which can take up to 16 business days – please bear this in mind when scheduling your release, if your are planning any launch or press, have your release up ahead of time.

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