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When do I see my sales & how soon can I collect my money?

Spinnup will publish sales reports on your dashboard on or around the 10th of every month. Spinnup receives monthly sales reports from all stores and these reports are delivered by the stores on a minimum two-month delay from the end of the sales month during which the reported sale took place. This means that it may take just over 3 months for your initial sales reports, and the money relating to those sales, to appear in your dashboard.

To walk through a quick example, if you have a sale on iTunes at the start of January, the sale would be reported through by iTunes to Spinnup at the end of March. Spinnup would then processes all of the iTunes reporting (in addition to the reporting from all other services) and publish the sales data on your dashboard at the earliest opportunity which would typically be on or around the 10th of April – we can’t unfortunately give an exact, fixed date each month because sometimes the services report late or deliver their reporting with errors that we have to work with them to fix.

We know this is a long wait but don’t despair! Spinnup provides you with real-time social stats and daily Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes trend data (on a 1 day delay) so if you’ve been playing shows or promoting your release check your dashboard to see the immediate impact that this is having.

Please bear in mind that we rely on the stores to provide you with sales reporting and sometimes the stores encounter unforeseen delays. Rest assured that every month we are working with the stores to ensure that your sales reporting and money are updated in your dashboard at the earliest opportunity, but this will generally always be around the 10th of each month.

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