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What kind of music files can I upload to Spinnup?

How exciting, you’ve finished your music and it’s ready to be released!

Unfortunately not all audio is created equal, and our retail and streaming partners have strict specifications about what type of audio files they will accept. We have broken down these specs below, so if you follow these correctly then your release should be live in no time!

What is the correct file format?

Your audio must be:

  • Lossless WAV or FLAC files (we recommend FLAC files, as they are often less corrupt)
  • 2 channel stereo
  • Sample size: 16 bit
  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz

Please note that if you just change the file extension to .wav or .flac your files will not be accepted! You must convert them according to the steps below.

How do I convert my files to the correct file format?

If your file is not already a WAV or FLAC you can convert you files using a software or website of your choice. We recommend using Online Audio Converter, which is an easy to use website for you to upload and convert your audio files.

Simply select your file in Step 1, choose which file type you would like to convert to in Step 2, and click ‘Convert’!

Alternatively you can use editing software such as Audacity, which is a program you must download to your computer, to easily edit and save your audio files in the correct format.

It’s important that you properly convert your files and don’t just change the file extension to .wav or .flac because if you do this your files will not be properly converted and will therefore be rejected by the stores.

What do I need to do after I have converted my audio files to the correct format?

Once you have your shiny new audio files sitting on your desktop, there are a few final steps we recommend following when saving and uploading your files:

  • The audio file name should be the track title only and should match the title exactly as how you have entered it into the Release Information section
  • Don’t include the artist name or any featuring artists
  • Don’t include the type of release (original, remix, radio version etc.)
  • Don’t use any unusual symbols such as < > | @ { } ; ” = ^
  • If you have the words ‘part’ or ‘volume’ in your track title, these must be abbreviated to Pt. and Vol., e.g. ‘Scouts Pt. 2.’ or ‘Release Vol. 3.’
    • Must follow any of these exact formulas: “Title, Pt. X” or “Title, Vol. X”, including the comma, space and period point
  • Only use uppercase title for acronyms
  • All lower case, or random casing, is not allowed
  • If your track has multiple titles, each track must be separated by a forward slash with a space either side of it, e.g. ‘My First Release / My Second Release’
  • If you use a – / : or ( ) anywhere in your title, the first word after any of these symbols must be capitalised
What’s left to do?

Phew! Now that’s all done, the only thing left to do is upload your track to Spinnup. This can be done by clicking and dragging the file from your computer into the Tracks box, or click the pink ‘Click to select files’ button, and find the file in the dialogue box that pops up.

Once uploaded, the file/s will appear in the white box above, and you will be able to check how the track title/s are formatted. Once you have entered in the information in the Release Options step, you will be able to finish it all off in Package Your Release.

You can then click ‘Preview Your Release’ to check all parts and information, then make your payment to off it goes to the stores!

We have great advice articles on how to correctly format your cover art, and what else to consider when uploading your tracks.

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