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What do I need to consider when uploading my tracks?

Creating a release on Spinnup is very simple, and we’ve tried to make it as hassle-free as possible for our artists so they can spend less time creating their releases, and more time making great music!

To get your music to stores as quickly as possible, there are some steps you need to follow, and specifications you need to meet to ensure your release is accepted the first time around. It’s not the end of the world if it gets rejected, it just means you need to tweak some things to make it perfect. If you follow these tips, your release will be available on all major digital  stores in as little as 10 days and may even be available on iTunes in 24 hours.

Entering your release info

OK, so first off: entering your release title.

It sounds basic, but our retailers have rules about title formatting that we, and you must follow.

Release titles must not include:

  • Any information about the type of release or content. Avoid text like Single, Album, EP, Exclusive or Limited Edition, ft, with, &, vs, unless it is part of the actual title of the track.
  • Text referring to physical or digital versions, for example;  E-Release, Digital Download, Digital Single, 2 CD set, with Lyrics
  • Text about the artist in the release title, e.g Spinnup Songs feat. Dr Up
  • Any production credits, e.g. “prod. by DJ Ketchup”
  • Any information about file formats e,g Get Discovered .wav
  • Incorrect title casing. In general all words in the title should start with an uppercase letter followed by lower case letters, except if there are prepositions in the middle of the title, such as: a, an, as, at, and, but, by, for, from, in, into, nor, of, off, on, onto, or, out, over, so, the, to, up, yet and with. The only exception is when the word is part of a verb phrase, for example: “Stand Up” or “Watch Out”

Here’s an example of the correct format: ‘In the Still of the Night’ or ‘Look Out Below’

If your release has only one track then the title will need to be exactly the same as the tracks filename. E.g Get Discovered.wav would be “Get Discovered”

If your release has two tracks then you can name it whatever you like. But if you have both track names in the title you must separate them with a forward slash (“ / “ ).  Please note the forward slash needs to have a space either side.   e.g  “Get Distributed / Get Discovered”

We know that this sounds like a lot of rules but each store has its own set of requirements and to make sure your release is available at the earliest opportunity we need to make sure we address each one.

Next step: entering your Artist Name.

Your artist name should be the name of the primary performer on the release. When entering the artist name, make sure you:

  • Check the spelling, and that your artist name is consistent throughout your release, for example if you list your artist name on the cover art
  • Take care with your letter casing. Acronyms should be upper case and never use all lowercase or any random casing.
  • Don’t include any additional information, such as role, date, instrument, former band or a URL or website. All stores will reject releases with this information included.
  • Only list a maximum of three primary artists for album releases. This does not apply for singles or EPs.
  • Don’t enter any featuring artists in the artist name field, this must be entered in the ‘Extra (featured artists)’ box when you upload your audio file.

If this is your first ever release it’s a good idea to have a look on the stores and streaming services to check your artist name hasn’t already been taken by someone. You can of course have the same artist name, but having something unique definitely avoids confusion with things like artists profiles and pictures.

Now you choose your genre, language and release date.

For release date you have two options.

  • As soon as possible – this means we will get your release delivered to all stores within 2 – 10 days.
  • Or click on a specific date and select any date up to three weeks after you have uploaded your release. This is great if you want to schedule your release and plan a campaign around that date.

Finally, country selection.

if you wish you can select which countries your release will be available in by checking the ‘Country Restrictions’ box. A text field will drop down, allowing you to type in the name of any countries you only want your release available in, or countries you specifically do not want it to be released in. If you don’t click this box your release will be available worldwide.

And that’s it! You have completed the release info section.

At this point it’s a great idea to do a final check for any spellings or incorrect title casing and double check your release title and artist name are exactly the same as the information you enter in the audio file and cover art sections.

If you need any help of artwork specifications, click here, or here for advice on audio file formats and how to convert them correctly.

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