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How can Scouts help me?

Our Scouts are a dedicated bunch, just as passionate about discovering the next big thing as you are about becoming it!

They listen to as many Spinnup releases as they possibly can (their larger than average appetite for music really helps). They do this with the help of our Scout area, which is kind of similar to your Artist dashboard. Here, not only can they see all the pushes you send along with your messages to them, but they can view artist profiles, check out your other releases, and search all of Spinnup for specific artists or genres.

The Scouts can help you by giving feedback on your releases to take your music to the next level, in some cases they offer to mentor artists, join them in the studio, or introduce them to their contacts in the music industry. As well as all of this, our Scouts have a direct relationship with the A&Rs at Universal Music, so when they find an artist they think is really special they will present them to the A&R teams in the hopes of landing them a record deal!

Log in to your artist account to view the Scout profiles and see who would be best suited to push your music to!

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