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The 12 best FREE promotional tools

Last week we gifted you with the 12 Best Free VST Pluins, and this week the season of giving continues with the 12 best FREE promotional tools to get you and your music heard by as many people as possible! Alright, let’s get these goodies inside and unpack one by one…


1. Canva 

You know the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”? Well people do, and they will judge your artwork. You don’t need to be a professional designer, just use this online graphic design tool to create bespoke and professional looking artwork

2. Pexels

Copyright free stock images – this means you have permission to use them for anything!

3. Mailchimp

An easy-to-use email client to send good-looking and engaging emails to your users. Read this guide for email marketing to make sure you’re up to scratch on the ins and outs of email marketing. If you have collected any fan email addresses, put them to good use and start connecting with your fans directly to their inbo


A presskit tool “designed responsively, so they look great on any device”

5. Noisetrade 

Offer your song as a free download to build your fan base

6. HootSuite

Schedule all of your social media in advance to make the most of your content

7. StageIt

Host a free virtual show and give your audience the option to donate to you! This is a great way to host warm up gigs before listing your bigger gigs on BandsinTown

8. Nextbigsound

Track your social media growth and analyse what content and days/times work best for posting

9. Dizzyjam

Create a Dizzyjam store & sell your merchandise for free

10. Woobox 

Create social media competitions and campaigns (such as fangates) for free

11. FanDistro

Create online campaigns, which you can then invite other artists to share to help grow your campaign in their own networks. Get your community of artists together and get going!

12. Club Flyers

A cool trick is to order several hundred of these with a custom design that includes a URL to download your music!

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned next week for the third in our Christmas gift series of the best free things for you to use to amplify your music!

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Introducing: Lani Dawson

Sometimes when listening to all the music that comes through Spinnup you stumble upon a debut release that stops you in your tracks, which is exactly what happened earlier this week with Lani Dawson.

The Californian-based songstress released her debut single ‘Visions Of You‘ on Spinnup in early December, accompanied by some gorgeous cover art that reminds us of the golden years of early ’00s R&B.

Lani Da

We were impressed by the high-quality of the production, a slick R&B track layered with pounding 808s and claps that will have your head nodding in no time. But even such impressive production comes second to Lani’s voice – full of emotion, the vocals stand out beautifully from the beat, showcasing Lani’s range and vocal style.

According to her Instagram, an album is in the works for 2018 and needless to say we will be waiting anxiously to hear it!

Stream or download Visions on your preferred music service here, or stream on Spotify below

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Spinnup now distributes to more stores than ever!

With Christmas just around the corner we wanted to make sure all of our wonderful artists knew about the the best present we could think of to give, even more stores to sell and stream your music on!

We announced a little while ago that we would be going off the grid for a day to make some exciting new upgrades to the Spinnup platform and the services we offer. We appreciate your patience while our team of tech gurus worked their magic (i.e. code) to make this happen, and a few keen-eyed users would have already noticed a few new partner logos on our homepage. 

So now we would like to officially annouced that we now offer more distributors than ever before – we’re talking from 8 partner stores to 45!!!

Ever wanted someone to hear your music and be able to whip out their phone to quickly find who the artist is that makes those heavenly sounds? Now they can with Shazam. How would you like your fans to be listening to the world’s biggest internet radio and hear your song play next? Now they can with Pandora. The legions of fans you can reach are virtually endless.

Well, now they can. Let us introduce you to all our new distribution partners below including ShazamPandoraBeatport and more.

New Distribution Stores

We have added an extra 37 partner stores to our existing list of distributors, which includes 7Digital’s 32-strong network of online music stores. From now, every Spinnup release will be sent to:



Apple Music



Google Play





Beatport* (for dance and electronic genre releases only)

YouTube Red*

7Digital* **

*Indicates that this is a new distribution partner

**This includes the 7Digital’s distribution network of 32 online music stores and streaming services. For more information and a full list of these, click here.

All existing Spinnup releases have automatically been added to the catalogues of all our new partner stores so there is nothing you as an artist need to do to have people playing your music on Pandora in Portland, or Beatport in Bruges. We’ve done it all for you!

We’re always working to make Spinnup the best distribution service it can be for you, so stay tuned for more service updates as they come.

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Laptop mixer

The 12 best FREE VST plugins

Here at Spinnup, you make it feel like Christmas everyday for us with all of the music we receive all year round. *AAAWWWWWW*

So this year, we want to give you something back to you all for all of your hard work…consider it a thank you and Christmas present wrapped in one!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet to find you some of the best VST plugins around (don’t know what a VST is? Click here) so, in honour of the “12 days of Christmas”, we have created a list of 12 of the best, that are – wait for it  – ALL FOR FREE! (…yes, we know there’s *17* days ’till Christmas but as Mariah puts it)

Now there is no excuse to not finish off your masterpieces and bring them to us to kick of 2018 with a bang! Ready?

  1. Sweetcase

    What is it? A sample-based electric piano VST plugin.
    Download Sweetcase Free
    Watch a demo below


  1. Acoustica Nightlife

    What is it? For window users and EDM, dance and trance makers, this synth is the one for you!
    Download Acoustica Nightlife Free
    Watch a demo below


  1. NUSofting Sinnah

    What is it? Analogue synth but on your computer (Whaaaaat?!?!)
    Download NUSofting Sinnah Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Synister

    What is it? Described as an “easy” yet flexible synthesizer (with built-in virtual keyboard) to create both bold sounds and rich atmosphere.
    Download Synister Free
    Watch a demo below

  2. Orion Sound Module

    What is it? Royalty free loops and samples at your pleasure!
    Download Orion Sound Module Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Grooove BPB

    What is it? One of the best free drum samplers around.
    Download Grooove BPB Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. HISE

    What is it? This sampler lets you essentially programme your own vst synths.
    Download HISE Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Digits 2

    What is it? A minimalist synth that lets you create “warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between”
    Download Digits 2 Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Ample Guitar M Lite II

    What is it? I can speak from experience when I say if you can’t play guitar, you can now with this beauty!
    Download Ample Guitar Lite II Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Ample Bass P Lite II

    What is it? Can’t play a real bass either, Ample have got you covered!
    Download Ample Bass P Lite II
    Watch a demo below

  1. Lord Of The Springs

    What is it? Pretty much every metallic sound you didn’t even know you needed
    Download Lord Of The Springs Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. MT Power DrumKit 2

    What is it? Your very own drum kit in your computer
    Download MT Power DrumKit2 Free
    Watch a demo below

And if you’ve been good this year, we may give you even more free stuff for you to play with…

Netflix And Chill GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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Introducing: Shurk

“The undead wanderer of the cosmos, the masked one. Lost in time; searching for meaning, searching for his eternal soul”

20 year old UK producer Shurk has released his latest track Restless via Spinnup, which – if you do nothing else today – you need to listen to!

With a steady growing underground fanbase, Shurk has released 7 EP’s to date (releasing over 40 songs since 2013) with his most popular track Haunted gaining 2.7 million views on YouTube alone.


“Restless” manages to innovatively capture a worldly blend of cultures; infusing menacing plucked strings, Asian percussion and face melting rave synths to create a vibe on the production that can only be described by one word: Shurk. Rightfully described as a “tribal dance banger” in its premiere over at EARMILK, “Restless” appears to literally take on its title, constantly developing its grooves, rhythms and sweeps that grab you from the second you press play.

Having had a sneak preview of music to come in 2018, all I can say is that you are going to LOVE Shurk as much as we do! Make sure to check out our Spinnup Scout Picks AND Staff Picks Spotify playlists to listen to “Restless”.

Follow Shurk on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube to keep up to date with the man behind the mask.

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Photo by Charlie Sarsfield

Introducing: Indigo Palace

If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the Spinnup blog the last few months, then you’ll probably be familiar with Indigo Palace already. The South London based duo Jo Morgen and Dee 93 were kind enough to come along with us and help our friends at Abbey Road launch their first ever app, Topline, a few months ago. Here they met fellow Spinnup artist BLOOM, which resulted in the collaboration for ‘Storm (feat. BLOOM)‘ – the first ever track to be written with Topline!


EGO OUT NOW Link in bio

A post shared by Indigo Palace (@indigopalace) on

Not slowing down for a second the Indigo Palace boys are back with what might just be their best track to date, ‘Ego‘. Expanding on their unique blend of alternative hip-hop, the production, brought to us by Jo and Chinsky, whisks in additional electronic and jazz elements reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s ‘Chanel’. Layered overtop are bittersweet lyrics from Jo and Dee, handling vocal and emcee duties respectively on this track, storytelling their experiences of self-destructive behaviour and what that meant for their past relationships.

The result is a track that is both atmospheric and infectious and will have your head nodding from start to finish. Stream ‘Ego’ on Spotify below, or on your preferred music service, and make sure to follow Indigo Palace on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify for new music and updates.

Header photo by Charlie Sarsfield 

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Stuck on How to Promote Your Next Release? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

The recording is done ✅ The mixes are in ✅ The master is amazing ✅ Now it’s time to prepare for your next release and you’re a little stuck on how to promote it. Luckily you needn’t look any further, here are 5 things that you can do to promote your next release (distributed by Spinnup of course 😉).

Make a lyric video and get your fans singing along

A lyric video can be a whole lot cheaper to make than an official video and the added benefit of including your lyrics, well, is there anything better than having your fans sing along with you to your latest track at a show? I think not 😎 Our friends over at Rotor Videos can make these amazing videos for you for an affordable fee.

Gifs are the gift that keeps on giving

Is there anything more flash than bringing the cover art of your next release to life and sharing a little sample on Instagram, Twitter and all the rest? It’s a great way to announce your next release as well as having your fans share it. You can even add it as your Facebook profile picture or adapt the image so that it works as a Facebook banner (it’s all the rage nowadays). Spinnup UK duo Indigo Palace recently did this with their latest release, you can check it out below.

EGO OUT NOW Link in bio

A post shared by Indigo Palace (@indigopalace) on

Exclusive, exclusive, exclusive

Have you ever considered inviting a bunch of your fans to an exclusive listen of your next release and then treating them to a live show? I bet you are now. Giving back to your fans and making them feel part of your musical journey is what they love so this is the perfect chance to do that whilst also creating some buzz for your upcoming release date. Inviting some bloggers and journalists wouldn’t go amiss too! ✍🏼

Utilise Facebook Live (Rhyme intended)

With a whole lot more engagement with Facebook Live videos as opposed to normal videos, it’s a noteworthy way of communicating with your fans, announcing your release or even performing a little acoustic number of your next release. You can even pre-empt the whole live event just so you know you’ll have some viewers tuning in! Utilising Facebook Live is also a great way to drive traffic to your Facebook page at a time where making your page visible becomes increasingly challenging. The Academic lads took a unique approach using Facebook Live…

And finally, select a release date…

It may seem a little obvious however how are you going to promote the release if you don’t know when it will be going live? Surprisingly, we see a whole lot of releases come through the Spinnup platform with no release dates set. Don’t be left in the dark, know exactly when your release will be going live on Spotify, Apple Music and the rest. 📅 On Spinnup you can select a release date 10 days in advance to guarantee your music goes live exactly when you want it and sync with your release plan (just not at the end of the year due to Christmas deadlines).

So go, go and play with some ideas and promote your next hit! We look forward to seeing the campaigns unfold. And remember, there’s no rulebook to follow.

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Sainsburys & Spinnup Team Up for “Every Bit Of Christmas”

Spinnup are the proud distributors of this year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert soundtrack “Every Bit Of Christmas”.

Premiered last Sunday during The X-Factor, the catchy and festive, feel-good bop was written especially for Sainsbury’s by Spinnup’s own Doc Brown and composed by Mikis Michaelides. Avoiding hiring singers and actors, the refreshing advert marks a change in direction from previous years to extend their year-round ‘Living Well’ campaign, therefore performed by real Sainsbury’s colleagues, friends and family singing about what “help’s them to live well at Christmas time” with special guest cameos from festive favourites Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog.


Laura Boothby, Head of Broadcast Communications at Sainsbury’s, describes this ad as a “conscious move” as “living well has been at the heart of our advertising all year and there is no better time to celebrate that than at Christmas… set to a catchy festive tune!”.

With Sainsbury’s creating at least 25 different versions of the ad that will run across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and TV, we can guarantee that this festive tune will be stuck in your head this festive season! Make sure you check the advert below and stream the track here. The song is so catchy, we even have a karaoke version  for you so you can sing along this Christmas!

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