March 23, 2018

Introducing: Harry Fisher

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Introducing: Mako Road

This week we introduce you to some of New Zealand’s South Island’s finest lads, Mako Road 

The four-piece from Christchurch, New Zealand comprises of Rhian Ward, Connor Jaine, Connor McErlich and Robbie Day. They first got our attention with their snazzy artwork for their latest EP The Green Superintendent and their music is just as colourful. 

maxresdefault (2)\

They’ve certainly established a New Zealand sound, similar to bands such as Marlin’s Dreaming and Albion Place. Mako Road provide us with folk, ska and reggae infused tunes with Tash Sultana-esque guitar riffs throughout.  

They have released two singles: The Sun Comes Up and Brodie Street/Daiquiri. Their five track EP The Green Superintendent, was released early February this year. “The name came from a sign found at our flat when we all moved in together at the start of summer”, the band told George and Harry of Sunday Best Radio.  

(Evidence below)


The EP was inspired by their month-long bender beforehand – sounds like these guys certainly know how to have fun! (check out their photos on Facebook for some of their crazy antics!) 

Track ‘Ride’ from their EP makes us want to take a carefree road trip along the coast with its sun-soaked tranquil vibes, whilst the groovy guitar hook on ‘The Green Superintendent’ is in our head for days. 

You only need to watch their videos to see what a fanbase they’ve already built. They have reached over 29,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and last year made Spotify’s New Zealand Viral 50 playlist. 

The band told Sunday Best Radio, that they’re laying low for a bit but will be back in June with some new stuff. Exciting. 

If you want to give Mako Road a follow, listen or a watch (we strongly recommend you do!) then head to their Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube channels

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Introducing: FRAUDS

This week we’re hopping over the channel, introducing you to Parisian, trio FRAUDS (not to be confused with Frauds, the Croydon punk duo!)

They recently released their single ‘Nobody’, which has received over 100,000 plays on Spotify. It’s a very catchy synthpop number (trust me, I’ve had it in my head for weeks!), with a Chvrches style synth progression surrounded by lighter, fluttering synths.

It really creates a dramatic and intense soundscape. Think Chvrches meets PVRIS’s new stuff, meets London Grammar, but with the eerier and mesmerising vocals of lead singer Anaïs. Honestly, if you haven’t heard it already you just need to listen to see what I mean.

“This song is about the feeling of being a fraud, an imposter in certain situations. Do you know that feeling?” The song captures the emotion of pretending to be someone else and feeling out of place. It is about taking a step from feeling like nobody to be somebody. A song I think we can all relate to.


As well as this track, the band have three other singles one EP titled Ellipse. Their first single was an atmospheric electronic driven cover of Foal’s Spanish Sahara, I might even go as far as to say I prefer it to the original!

They are among the 20 Spinnup artists who won a spot playing on the Spinnup stage at Le Printemps Dans La Ville festival this week in Bourges, alongside bands such as Mezzanine (who we introduced you to earlier this year). We can certainly see from their live videos that they’re definitely an exciting band to see live, and can’t wait to catch their set at the festival tomorrow.

Their bio on Facebook reads: “What if you were in a different reality?” and the emotions and atmosphere in their music captures the essence of being in a new reality, almost in an M83 sort of way – especially if you listen to their EP Ellipse. Even their photography and artwork, which is very modern art-esque, captures something different, unexpected.

With a growing social media audience and over 8,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Frauds are already gaining a following, and we’re sure they’re only going to get bigger!

Follow the trio on Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud and their website to stay up to date with their latest news and music.

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Georgia Meek

Introducing: Georgia Meek

“I see you above me with your vicious tongue and your clenched teeth”

23 year old Surrey born artist Georgia Meek shares her deeply personal and emotive latest track ‘Bare’: a story of learning and growth laced with a sense of regret, looking back at a haunting past experience as she sings “it took a lot to free me”.

Georgia Meek

Having released the electronic and captivating ‘Black Dog’, ‘Bare’ showcases a different side to Georgia’s sound, underpinned by spiralling violins and passionate percussion. The honest, nostalgic and touching track showcases a vulnerability yet emotional maturity, championing a strength in her sensitivity carried by her impressive vocals.


Now based in North West London, the singer/songwriter holds an artistic focus on using her personal stories to connect and raise awareness of issues for women of all ages which arguably, can be heard in this liberating piano led song as she later went on to say: “Bare was a very difficult song for me to put on paper”. We are so glad she found the courage to share her anthemic story. Make sure you check her out on our playlist! Whilst you’re at it, follow Georgia on her Facebook page , and her SoundCloud and keep on the lookout for her next live UK shows listed below:

24th April – Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London

18th May – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

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Cosmic Soul Collective

Introducing: Cosmic Soul Collective

Harnessing the true power of collaboration, this week we bring to you Bristol based artistic troupe ‘Cosmic Soul Collective’ with their 2018 EP ‘So Slow’ featuring members Jevon Ives and Astrid.

The expressive 13-piece ‘family’ resulted from the 2016 aspirations of founder Neil Corcoran, eager to nourish the creativity of Bristol. Only two years later, their focus on “experimental expression” sees the collective managing to blend rural soundscapes and flowing synths with smooth R&B sensibilities comparable to that of Erykah Badu and Mos Def. The EP is carried by an array of vocals that range from sultry to spoken as the EP moves from the wistful title track ‘So Slow’ to the head nodding ‘Slip Away’. The group’s name is one to take very literal, sounding exactly ‘Cosmic Soul’ in genre (definitely a late night ‘chill’ listen)


The talented collective builds a community of people that celebrate and “showcase the depths of creativity through art and music” which can be heard in their lyrics, often philosophical in their curiosity and exploration through a poetic perspective. Their “organic expression” can also be seen in their many live events and exhibitions, incorporating “DJs, producers, bands, live music, abstract art, digital print making and live visuals” that bring people together over an eclectic love of art and underground modern soul.


We love this all singing, all creating collective so make sure to check them out on our Spinnup playlist and their socials to get lost in their cosmic world

Follow Cosmic Soul Collective on Facebook, InstagramTwitterSpotify, Soundcloud and Mixcloud

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Harry Fisher 1

Introducing: Harry Fisher

“But what can you do when he’s already gone?”

From the first line, Harry Fisher has us hooked on his R&B influenced ‘What Have I Done?

The Hampshire born artist displays his gorgeous and poignant vocals on this breathtakingly emotive track, showcasing a range almost unhuman! Having worked with Yazz, Womack and Womack, Foor and Boy George during his successful stint on ‘The Voice’, Harry shines completely in his own right on this ‘ghosted’ anthem, accompanied by swaying synths, trap percussion and experimental vocal effects on the actual title track line.

Arguably, Harry’s non-conforming and daring image and use of honest pronouns on his tracks all streaming on his SoundCloud challenges the notion of the typical male artist, sparking an incredibly exciting and fresh new outlook for the British R&B scene having performed in the famous Concorde Club in Eastleigh, the Southampton Maritime Festival and Southampton’s Music in the City festival (now one of the biggest free festivals in the South)


Currently working on new music and projects such as ‘The Osborne Open Mic’,  we’re too excited for the future of Harry Fisher and so should you! Catch up and follow Harry Fisher on his socials:



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Cortes 4

Introducing: Cortes

This week we are bringing you sweat-inducing rock trio Cortes and their new single ‘Call It’.

The band formed in 2012 and comprise of Andy Cortes on guitar/vocals, Sam Davies on bass and Marijus Aleska on drums. Although based in London, the band has quite the international background – Cortes’ family are Colombian, Aleska is from Vilnius, Lithuania, whilst Davies is from Devon.

Cortes 2

The band credit The Red Hot Chilli Peppers one of their inspirations, and we can definitely hear these influences in ‘Call It’ from their clamouring lyrics and killer groovy riffs, that we feel also channel a distinct Queens Of The Stoneage vibe.

Cortes have managed to have their track ‘Facing My Fear’, which they released on Spinnup in 2016, played by the infamous Zane Lowe who described them as “certainly, better than good” – today that track has received over one million streams on Spotify! Their tracks have also featured on Apple Music’s playlists: ‘Breaking Rock’ and ‘A-list Rock’.

The trio have landed some pretty good gigs in their time, playing festivals including The Great Escape, Camden Rocks, Barn on The Farm and BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, and supporting bands such as Nothing But Thieves.

For their debut self-titled EP Cortes worked alongside producer Larry Hibbitt, who has worked with some pretty big names, such as Nothing But Thieves, Sundara Karma, and more.

Cortes 3

As a band we love to see live, they don’t have any upcoming tour dates at the moment, but we’re hoping that they’ll be back on the road soon and with some more new material!

Head to their website to stay up to date with all their news and find links to all their social media

Hear ‘Call It’ on Spotify and Apple Music and follow their artist page to stay up to date with any new music!


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Introducing: KamiKwazi

One of the things we love most here at Spinnup is discovering new artists from around the globe, particularly ones with a message to their music. One such artist is Zimbabwean born, UK based KamiKwazi – (which means in short, ‘Know Thyself’). The 19 year-old producer/songwriter first caught our attention in 2017 with his single ‘Move’. This year the he is back with his latest release, ‘Women’.

KamiKwazi Women

Within his music, he challenges himself to explore different styles and topics. The new single featuring Renzo, released shortly before International Women’s Day on March 8th, is inspired by the women in his life.

“The fact is that when most male musicians talk about women in their music, its normally sexual. But I love my mother, my sister and all my female friends, relatives, and girlfriend. So I felt it was needed for a male to stand side to side with females and help in the movement for them being “appreciated”.”

Although initially an R&B artist, KamiKwazi uses a range of sounds and instruments in his music from luscious flute hooks, to brass and guitar to produce more of a fusion of R&B/funk/soul and hip hop. KamiKwazi says that his music is inspired by water as “it takes the shape of whatever object it’s put in, and when that object is full it overflows, flowing to every surrounding area; exploring and taking shape and fitting in. But it can also be very aggressive and chaotic at times.”


We can certainly hear the variation of music in his 2017 single ‘Apple of My Eyes’ where the producer takes us on a journey of the unexpected, from flowy guitars to brass, whilst adopting a slow groovy The Weeknd type vibe.

He has also collaborated with Kiet, Lorenzo and J’Marli and also remixed Kehlani’s ‘Honey’, and as well as his three Spinnup-released tracks on Spotify, KamiKwazi has built up quite the collection on his Soundcloud page.

As if he wasn’t talented enough already, he not only produces his own music but does his own artwork and photography! Oh and his favourite fruit is a mango 🙂

Follow KamiKwazi on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Introducing: ODZ

If you’re reading this in Sweden, then you’ll probably know who I’m talking about when I say today we’re Introducing ODZ.

This awesome foursome has been distributing their releases on Spinnup since 2015 with their Original Dunder Zubbis EP, and we have taken so much pleasure in watching them go from strength to strength.


In the last few months they have been certified gold in Sweden for 2017’s ‘Helt Crack‘, been nominated for both the Best Urban and Breakthrough Artist awards at this year’s GAFFAs and released their latest single ‘Nya Tider’ which has been streamed over half a million times, and is accompanied by a very cool 360 degree video.

I mean honestly, they achieve millions of streams on almost every track they put out, they make it look too damn easy!

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