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The 12 best FREE VST plugins

Here at Spinnup, you make it feel like Christmas everyday for us with all of the music we receive all year round. *AAAWWWWWW*

So this year, we want to give you something back to you all for all of your hard work…consider it a thank you and Christmas present wrapped in one!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet to find you some of the best VST plugins around (don’t know what a VST is? Click here) so, in honour of the “12 days of Christmas”, we have created a list of 12 of the best, that are – wait for it  – ALL FOR FREE! (…yes, we know there’s *17* days ’till Christmas but as Mariah puts it)

Now there is no excuse to not finish off your masterpieces and bring them to us to kick of 2018 with a bang! Ready?

  1. Sweetcase

    What is it? A sample-based electric piano VST plugin.
    Download Sweetcase Free
    Watch a demo below


  1. Acoustica Nightlife

    What is it? For window users and EDM, dance and trance makers, this synth is the one for you!
    Download Acoustica Nightlife Free
    Watch a demo below


  1. NUSofting Sinnah

    What is it? Analogue synth but on your computer (Whaaaaat?!?!)
    Download NUSofting Sinnah Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Synister

    What is it? Described as an “easy” yet flexible synthesizer (with built-in virtual keyboard) to create both bold sounds and rich atmosphere.
    Download Synister Free
    Watch a demo below

  2. Orion Sound Module

    What is it? Royalty free loops and samples at your pleasure!
    Download Orion Sound Module Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Grooove BPB

    What is it? One of the best free drum samplers around.
    Download Grooove BPB Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. HISE

    What is it? This sampler lets you essentially programme your own vst synths.
    Download HISE Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Digits 2

    What is it? A minimalist synth that lets you create “warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between”
    Download Digits 2 Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Ample Guitar M Lite II

    What is it? I can speak from experience when I say if you can’t play guitar, you can now with this beauty!
    Download Ample Guitar Lite II Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. Ample Bass P Lite II

    What is it? Can’t play a real bass either, Ample have got you covered!
    Download Ample Bass P Lite II
    Watch a demo below

  1. Lord Of The Springs

    What is it? Pretty much every metallic sound you didn’t even know you needed
    Download Lord Of The Springs Free
    Watch a demo below

  1. MT Power DrumKit 2

    What is it? Your very own drum kit in your computer
    Download MT Power DrumKit2 Free
    Watch a demo below

And if you’ve been good this year, we may give you even more free stuff for you to play with…

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