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What kind of music files can I upload to Spinnup?

Take a look at this handy video for all the details you need on uploading audio files.

They must be WAV or FLAC files, 16 bit (sample size), 44.1 kHz (sample rate), 1411 kbps. Using these lossless (uncompressed) formats will ensure your music will still sound top notch after the stores have compressed the files for streaming and downloading. Please note that if you just change the file extension to .wav or .flac your files will not be accepted! You s must convert them according to the steps below.
To ensure that your audio files upload correctly, use iTunes on your computer to convert them to the correct format. It is an easy process and is explained by these few steps:

Open the iTunes application on your computer.
In your library, highlight the song(s) you want to convert.
Go to iTunes –> Preferences.
Make sure you are on the General tab and click Import Settings.
Under Import Using, choose WAV Encoder and change Setting to Custom.
A new window opens. Choose the sample size and rate according to the values above, and set Channels to Stereo. Click OK until you reach your library again.
With your song(s) still highlighted, right click and select Create WAV. The conversion begins.
When finished, the highlighted song(s) is the old version, and the one(s) underneath the new. Drag the new files into a folder where you can easily find them, for instance on your desktop.


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