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How to Get Your Music on Spotify

Find out how Spinnup works with Spotify, Universal Music, and other major labels to discover the very best talent. Learn how to upload your music to Spinnup, get your tracks on all major streaming services, like Spotify, and get your music heard by the leading industry scouts in your genre.

We’ll also show you:

• How our close relationship with Spotify can work for you
• Our artist dashboard + data about your music & social stats
• How to increase your Spotify streams
• How to get on a Spotify playlist

So, what are we waiting for!

spinnup helping you get your music on spotify

So many great things come from Sweden – ABBA, IKEA, Spinnup and Spotify! Arguably one of the biggest music brands in the world, Spotify has been a driving force behind the rapid growth of streaming services over the last few years, and we are proud to be one of their suggested aggregators for unsigned artists.

Start at the beginning – what is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming and subscription service that began in 2008, and now has over 100 million active monthly users! Spotify offers users a free service that includes advertising, and a premium paid tier that gives users access to ad-free streaming, offline listening, better audio quality and much more. Of their 100 million active users, 40 million pay the monthly subscription fee for the premium service. It is available in 60 countries around the world, making it one of the largest streaming services on the market.

Users can listen to Spotify by downloading the app or desktop program, or stream through the web player. Spotify music can be streamed on phones, tablets, computers, in compatible cars, TVs and sound systems, on Playstation and Android Wear.

What’s so great about streaming?

Streaming services like Spotify give users the ability to listen to a world of music anytime, anywhere, on a range of devices. Audiences are listening to more music than ever before thanks to platforms like Spotify making it easier for audiences to discover, access and listen to music. Most artists today are on streaming services, and we think you should be too! 

How do I get my music on Spotify?

Well that’s easy, with Spinnup! You can only get your music on Spotify by using an artist-aggregator like us. Take a look at Spotify’s list of recommended services to use.

Once you have made an account with Spinnup, all you need to do is login to the artist area and create a release. After it has been approved by our team, your single, EP or album will be available for the world to stream in 2-7 business days.

Why is Spotify so important to Spinnup?

We have a special relationship with Spotify, and are lucky to be provided with a huge range of data and information that we integrate into every artist account. From the Overview page in your artist account you can track the streams of all your music, or individual releases, which are displayed in attractive, easy to understand graphs.

Each music platform is different and delivers their data at different speeds, but Spotify is among the fastest, supplying trend data early to give you an idea of how your release is performing from day one.


Why should I use Spotify?

Apart from being one of the leaders of the streaming industry, Spotify offers a great listening and user experience for both artists and audiences. Here is just a taste of what they have in store:

  • Dedicated artist pages where you can edit your ‘About’ section, create artist playlists for your fans, promote your gigs and sell merchandise. Once you have 250 followers, you can apply to have your page verified with that beautiful blue tick! Once you have the required followers, simply fill out this form to start the verification process.
  • The Spotify Artists website, which has how to guide’s, FAQs and other important resources for Spotify artists 
  • A great Fan Insights tool for artists and managers, which provides data on your streams and audience, and is where you upload your artist photo. Request access to Spotify’s Fan Insights here.
  • Intelligent playlists such as Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and the Viral charts where you can discover new artists and keep track of the ones you already know and love
  • Notifications from artists to fans, alerting them of new music releases via email alerts, push notifications and updates in the Activity Feed
  • An enormous streaming community where users can create and follow playlists, follow each other, and connect their social media to see what their friends are listening to

What can I do to increase my streams?

Once you have your music up on Spotify, you have the potential to reach literally millions of listeners around the world. But how do you reach them? There are a few things you can do to increase your streams, which will in turn increase your earnings!

Integrate the ‘Play Button’
This is what Spotify calls their embedded music player. If you have a website, or have a site writing about you and your music you can embed the player into the web page using the embed code Spotify supplies. Each time someone plays your music from here, it will count toward your streams. Posting Spotify links on your social media will do the same!

Get On A Playlist
Spotify and its users have created over 1.5billion playlists on the platform. By analysing these playlists and learning about what music people like, Spotify’s algorithms then populate each user’s unique Daily Mix and Discover Weekly playlists, recommending artists they think that listener will like.

By getting users to follow you via the ‘Follow’ button on your artist page, you will automatically be added to the user’s Release Radar playlist every time you release new music.

Sometimes getting onto one playlist is all it takes to launch an artist. Influencers such as brands, music bloggers, magazines, websites, radio stations and public figures curate their own playlists which can accumulate thousands of followers. Getting on one of these can hugely impact your streams!

But how do I get on a Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately there’s no one answer for this. Spotify’s playlists are curated either by their algorithms or in-house staff of Music Editors, which makes user-generated playlists much easier to break into.

Start by searching for and follow playlists that you really like, or think your sound might be appropriate for. Take a look at what other artists they have in there, how many followers they have, and whether the playlist is updated regularly to see if it’s a good fit for you. Now the hard part – finding a contact. The username of the person or brand will be at the top of the playlist and you can use this to search for them online or on social media.

If you manage to find their email address or social media profile to message them, put together a short pitch on yourself and the song you want them to add to their playlist. Bear in mind they likely receive many emails just like yours every day, so you want to make yours stand out, but always remain concise and professional!

Include links to your music, social media, website and any press or reviews that may have been written about your music or live shows.

Phew, that was a lot! Now it’s all up to you – sign up to Spinnup, create your release and you could soon have your music on one of the world’s biggest streaming services. From there the possibilities are endless!

Click here to learn more about Spinnup or create your free account here.

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Read more about Spotify and download it at www.spotify.com.


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