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music to the world

Upload your music to iTunes, Spotify and all major stores worldwide and keep 100% of your royalties


Your music released worldwide

  • Spinnup will help you get your music onto the world’s best music services without signing a record deal.
  • Our simple upload process and dedicated support team mean it’s easier than ever to get your music onto the world's largest music platforms.
  • We distribute to 44 major music services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Pandora, 7Dgitial, and more.
  • For a full list of our distribution partners, click here.

You keep every penny

We believe unsigned artists deserve to get paid fairly and stay in control of their music. That’s why we make sure that all Spinnup artists receive 100% of their royalties, keep hold of all of their rights, and can remove their music any time they want. Nothing else will give you this much support, flexibility and control over your music.

Access your money when you want it

You can always withdraw the money you have earned easily, quickly and securely with Spinnup. Our artists simply use their Spinnup account to pay their royalties directly into a PayPal account.

Powerful tools to track your earnings and fan base

Sales Reports

Spinnup believes in improving transparency in the music industry. That’s why we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of all your sales, by song, store and territory in clear, plain facts and figures.

Streaming & Sales Trends

Our interactive dashboards deliver daily streaming figures directly from Spotify and Apple Music, and downloads from iTunes, making it easy for you to see how many people are listening to your music. This powerful tool is available to all Spinnup artists!

Social Media

Watch your fan base grow using our easy-to-use social media tool. Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube accounts and have daily statistics at your fingertips. One dashboard giving you total visibility.

No hidden costs

Everything we provide for you is included in your one fixed annual fee and we will never charge you for anything else. We provide ISRC and UPC codes free of charge. You only pay a fixed fee once a year so there are no hidden surprises.

Complete control

It’s your music and you can do whatever you want with it – Spinnup let’s you keep all rights to your music. We won’t stop you selling it elsewhere or giving it away for free and you can remove it from music services anytime you want.


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