SaraCortez Signs to Universal Music Malaysia

Signed, sealed, delivered! We are incredibly happy to announce that SaraCortez, a lo-fi/pop artist, recently signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Malaysia.


The singer caught our hearts with her ethereal vocals and music production. She wowed us and our A&R team in Malaysia with her Spinnup releases “Quarantine” and “Runaway”, as well as her attention-grabbing lo-fi/pop originals and remixes on YouTube and social media. Join us in welcoming Sara aboard the UMG family, and get to know her as she shares all about her musical journey, inspiration and upcoming plans.


Spinnup Signed SaraCortez



Congratulations on sealing a distribution deal with Universal Music Malaysia! How do you feel now that you’ll be releasing your music with the record label?

Thank you! I’m super excited, but at the same time nervous.



How did your journey in music begin? 

My dad bought a guitar for me when I was 14. Since then, I started playing music and formed a band with my friends where we performed at proms and charity events. When I was younger, my parents used to bring me to Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock where we dine in and listen to live bands, so that sparked my interest in music as well.



Who are some notable artists that influenced your music?

My first and forever love will always be Paramore. I grew up listening to them and most of my inspirations come from them, although my genre is completely different from theirs. I admire Taylor’s composition and Hayley’s lyrics and storytelling.


Other than that, I’m obsessed with Billie Eilish and listen to bands like The Neighbourhood, Radiohead, Bring Me The Horizon, to name a few. I also enjoy R&B artists like Umi, Keshi and Joji. I listen to everything, but my heaviest rotation for now would be “Wish the World Away” by Ollie MN. 



What would your dream collaboration be?

For international artists, they would definitely be Hayley Williams/Paramore and Billie Eilish. If it’s a local artist, I’d love to explore sounds with Yonnyboii.



Your voice is really unique; it stands out and complements the type of music you make, which leans towards pop/lo-fi. Tell us about the inspiration behind your music-making.

Most of the time, it happens randomly and unexpectedly. When I discovered lo-fi beats on YouTube back in 2017, I said to myself, “Oooff, this is something new to my ears”. I fell in love with the genre entirely after that, which made me decide to try out making lo-fi music for myself.


Never in a million years have I thought that people would like to listen to my songs. The whole concept of having my songs on Spotify is still so wild to me to this day. But nonetheless, I’m grateful to those who gave my art a chance, so thank you. 




You released “Runaway” and “Quarantine” with Spinnup, which we absolutely loved. Could you share with us the story behind these songs? 

“Runaway” is a song that is really personal to me. I was going through a lot when I wrote it, and I hope that whoever listens to it can relate to the lyrics as much as I do. 


“Quarantine” was actually a freestyle. That song was inspired by a time when I had friends over; we played guitar and stayed up all night, and it felt like we were camping indoors. The next day, I decided to freestyle the whole thing based on what I felt the other night, then shared it to a few of my friends. With their encouragement for me to finish the song, it’s now up on streaming platforms!


Check out SaraCortez’s latest single, “Quarantine”



What advice can you share to other independent musicians who are getting started with writing and recording their music? 

Write and create based on your heart’s content. The more sincere it is, the better it sounds. After all, music is the result of expression.


Don’t be afraid to sound different than other people. If you’re confident about it, go for it. Always remember to love what you do first, and care less of what others think. Music is music – there’s no good or bad, just different tastes and preferences.



As an independent artist, undoubtedly there are challenges that you go through. How did you overcome the obstacles that you faced with your music?

I think the biggest challenge of being in this music scene is who to trust, and who to listen to. I’ve experienced a lot of distrust and people trying to make use of my talent for their own benefit, but along my journey I found the right people and stood by them. Now, I’ve become more reserved, to protect myself from being used again. 



What are your hopes and dreams for your music?

All I know is that I want to be consistently making music until I’m old and grey. Whatever comes with what I love doing, is and will be what I’m eternally grateful for. I hope I get to play shows and start making music videos again once this pandemic is over. At the end of the day, personal growth is what I hope for.



Massive congrats to Sara on joining the UMG family! She is currently working on a few projects and experimenting with new sounds, which you’ll get a taste of when she drops her single with Universal Music Malaysia soon. Stay tuned and follow Sara on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates!