To get started creating your release you will need to make sure that you have the following:


Audio files must be in either a WAV or Flac file that meet the following quality requirements:

2 Channels (Stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 Khz
Sample Size 16 bit
Bit Rate 1411 kbps

If your file is not already a WAV or FLAC you can convert you files using a software of your choice but we think using iTunes is the easiest way to convert.

Here’s the steps you need to follow:

1.     Open the iTunes application on your computer.
2.     In your library, highlight the song(s) you want to convert.
3.     Go to iTunes –> Preferences.
4.     Make sure you are on the General tab and click Import Settings.
5.     Under Import Using, choose WAV Encoder and change Setting to Custom.
6.     A new window opens. Choose the sample size 16bit and 44,1 Khz , and set Channels to Stereo. Click OK until you reach your library again.
7.     With your track(s) still highlighted, right click and select Create WAV. The conversion begins.
8.     When finished, the highlighted track(s) is the old version, and the one(s) underneath the new file that you need to upload. Drag the new files into a folder where you can easily find them, for instance on your desktop.

It’s important that you follow these instructions to convert your files and don’t just change the file extension to .wav or .flac because if you do this your files will not be properly converted and will therefore be rejected by the stores.

Once you have the files in the correct format you can add tracks by dragging and dropping them into the grey or by clicking the upload files button.


Please follow these rules carefully or your release will be rejected by the online stores:

* Images must be JPEG/JPG or PNG format
* They must be square and have a size of at least: 1400 x 1400 pixels
* Images must not be blurry, pixelated, mismatched, or have any other quality issues
* If the release title is on your artwork, it must be written EXACTLY as it appears in the release title section, including any parentheses or brackets
* If the artist name is on your artwork and there is a featured artist on every track of the release, they MUST also be added to the artwork
* Artist logos and artistic variations are OK, as long as they are IN ADDITION to a clearly visible full artist name

Please note your cover art MUST NOT contain:

* Website URLs or a track list
* Any logos or trademarks to which you don’t own the rights
* Any pricing or format information (e.g. “CD”, “MP3”, etc.)
* Anything that could be perceived as offensive
* Adult content
As you create your release you will find guidelines and tips in each of the fields that need to be completed.   Please read these instructions carefully to help make sure your release meets all the requirements of the stores.


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