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Scout Niklas Hansson: What has been going on this summer

The summer is finally over, and once again it’s time for us music geeks to flee down in the secure environment of a dark cozy studio. And what better way to kick start the autumn than to update all of you on what’s been going on, and what is to come among my team of scouted artists.

The summer hasen’t all been a total waste. In the beginning of May I closed a deal with Maroli Studio, and I’m happy to announce that a legendary Swedish engineer have joined my artist team: Mats “Limpan” Lindfors, owner of Maroli Studios and the man behind artist like Roxette, Veronica Maggio and Scorpion. He is currently mixing Anna Wihlkes new single, which will be released September 17. The single will be followed up by a live EP from one of Anna’s summer performances at Obaren. As you can see a lot of exciting things are to come, but just because I love to brag: here’s a sneak preview from one of the recordings.

Anna Wihlke:

My second artist, Emely Fleur Charlotte Majrell known as The Fleurs, is progressing as well. I would love to take the opportunity to welcome Kim Hagen, newly scouted guitarist, on board. He will stand for dreamy guitar melodies in The Fleurs low-key electro pop.

I’m sure this will be a magical autumn, and I’m still looking for a few artists to join. So upload your tracks on Spinnup and give me a push.

Finally, don’t forget:
“What really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films — these things matter”.

Big challenge: Recruitment challenge

The big challenge is a classic: the recruitment challenge! Just as the last time we ran it, the one who recruits the most artists to Spinnup wins the prize. Here are a few tips on how to beat your opponents and take it home:

  • Share your code everywhere. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, your blog, online music forums, everywhere. And try to get others to post it as well (preferably people with large follower bases)! If you’re not sure what your code is, contact the scout manager and it will be provided.
  • Get out there. Try to go to as many venues as possible where you can find unsigned artists and bands, talk to people everywhere about Spinnup, write people online and explain what Spinnup is and offer them free single releases, etc. Use the niche marketing list that we sent you a while back. There are many ways to find them! And don’t forget to use your business cards, give them to as many as possible.
  • Use what you got. Hand out as many flyers as you can, put up posters and stickers everywhere. Of course, your code won’t be registered by doing this, but we need all as many artists as we can joining Spinnup :)

At last: be creative! Why not arrange a small competition on your blog with a corresponding prize? Just an example. Document everything you do and the Scout Manager will take this in consideration when choosing the winner.

The winner of this challenge will get the opportunity to bring his/her band/artist to Obaren in Stockholm for a live gig, which Spinnup will arrange and promote. Do your best and provide for your artist the chance to do a live gig in the heart of Stockholm!

This challenge ends on September 31.

Standard challenge (best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge) runs as usual.

Small challenge: Street performance!

We’re kicking of the small challenges with a great one: the street performance challenge! Yes, it is what it sounds like: grab your artist or band (if you scout more than one, choose the one you think suits the best for this challenge). Film them performing live, and why not edit it into a great video showing the skills of your artist!

All videos will be published on Spinnup’s Youtube channel and promoted in other social media channels and on the website. These factors will be taken in consideration when choosing the winner for this challenge:

  • Location: Choose a cool location which will look good on tape!
  • Audience: This goes hand in hand with location, but try to choose a spot where you’ll find an audience. We want to hear them scream!
  • Quality of the video: Try to edit your video into perfection: the more professional the better. If you’re not that experience yourself with video editing, why not ask a friend who is?

So do your best! Send your video to the scout manager, and the Scout who provides the best one wins a Spotify ad for the artist. A great way to promote your artist or band!

Send your video September 31 at the latest. Use Wetransfer or similar to send the files.

Standard challenge (best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge) runs as usual.


Time to announce the winners of this challenge! Which will be the lucky ones that will go to the festivals and promote Spinnup this summer? The participation in this challenge was pretty low, which was rather surprising since festivals are something everybody enjoys. But enough, let’s hear it!

Hultsfred (13-15th of June): No one wanted to go to Hultsfred, what! But we already have a team of dedicated Scouts on site: Amanda Brink, Georg Ekelund and Jonatan Södergren. Even the Scout Manager will be there himself!

Bråvalla (27-29th of June): Matias Lehtola, Zoofie Ljung and Marcus Krylborn, congratulations to you all!

Way Out West (8-10th of August): Not many that wanted to go to Way Out West, but Viktor Falkfält did a great job and will be one of our Scouts there. As with Hultsfred, we already have a team of Scouts on site as well: Jonatan Södergren, Niklas Hansson and Georg Ekelund. The Scout Manager will also be present!

You all wrote great promotion plans for Spinnup at these festivals, but as with all competitions, some win and some lose. Now it’s time to make those plans a reality, and make sure that every visitor at the festivals know what Spinnup is when they go home! We would like you to document as much as you can, so we can use that content on the site as well in our social media channels. You will all get access to the Spinnup Instagram account as well (this will be sent to you when the festival begins). The winners win tickets to the festivals and Universal Music covers the travel cost as well. Have fun!


Time to announce the winners of the challenges in May!

We were very impressed by your contributions to this and your hard work. But, as usual, one of our precious Scouts did that little extra. This month it waaaaaaas… *drumroll*…. Niklas Hansson! Besides the “usual” guerilla marketing activities such as handing out flyer, putting up posters and stickers, he organized a live show for his artist Anna Wihlke at Obaren in Stockholm. The show was a great place for marketing Spinnup, with one of our artists performing. Anna even said “thanks to Spinnup” during the show which made it even better. Congrats to you Niklas, you’ll win a ticket to the Way Out West festival i August!

Since we didn’t reach the goal of 1200 likes, unfortunately you won’t win any prize for this. Currently, we just passed the 700 limit, so keep on working on this and you will be rewarded!

Best listener: Niklas Hansson must be listening to everything Spinnup has to offer! And we want to hand out a badge to another Scout for best listener this month, Marcus Krylborn! Only a few week as a Scout and he has been listening like bananas!

Best commentator: Oscar Larsson, you did it again! Keep on giving great feedback to our artists, and you other Scouts, of course you’ll do the same!

Facebook: This one goes to you, Annie Turesson! Your band Damn Delicious passed 2300 likes, great job (Matias – Bosson doesn’t count, he already had some likes before you scouted him :) )! Overall when looking at your artists’ Facebook pages, there are surprisingly few likes, maybe work a bit on that?

Badges will be put on your profiles to make them even more attractive.

You’ve all done a great job but congratulations goes out to our winners! The festival challenge is still under review and the winners of it will be announced soon, along with new and fresh challenges!



As the second small challenge in May, we give you…. the festival challenge! As you all know, the summer is when it really happens when it comes to music in Sweden. Therefore, we want to send you guys to a bunch of festivals to promote Spinnup (and of course get to watch some really great bands)!

As the challenge, we want you to write a motivational letter in which you describe how you will promote Spinnup at these festivals. Try to keep it to one page. What kind of campaign will you run? How will you make sure that the entire crowd will know what Spinnup is and will recommend it to all their friends once they get home? Remember that you have a bunch of posters, flyers and stickers to work with. All letters will be read and evaluated, and 8 winners will be selected. So be creative in you letter and do your best!

Don’t forget to write which festival you want to attend (Hultsfred, Bråvalla and Way Out west). The winner of this challenge will be selected by the end of the month (May).


Time to announce the winners if the second round of challenges! Here we go:

Wow! A lot of great videos popped up on your profile, but the one that caught our eye the most was the one Lisa Holmgren made. Congratulations to you Lisa, you win a meeting with one of our A&R’s for some tips & tricks! Our Scout Manager will contact you by e-mail for further information.

She did it again! The Scout that recruited the most artists to Spinnup in this round was Zoofie Ljung. A big congrats to you Zoofie, we’ll send you a nice Håkan Hellström book as the prize!

Best listener: This guy really scours the site to find that awesome artist! Jonatan Södergren is our most active listener.

Best commentator: Always active, always constructive. Our artists appreciate him and we do too. Oscar Larsson is our commentator of the month!

Facebook: Anna Wihlke went from 525 to 653 likes, that’s an addition of 128 likes and by far the best result this month. Congratulations to you, Niklas Hansson!

Badges will be put on your profiles to make them even more attractive.

You’ve all done a great job but congratulations goes out to our winners! New challenges are out, now focus on winning them!



As this months’ big challenge, we invite you to cover the city you live in with Spinnup posters, stickers, and flyers! Soon, you’ll receive a package containing these things by mail, and when you do it is just to start your own guerilla marketing campaign!

You will all receive a list of places to visit via e-mail. The list contains examples of bars, clubs, etc. which are nisched and where we believe you can find the target group for Spinnup. Of course, you don’t have to follow this list slavishly, we encourage you to go beyond it as well.

As we can’t measure how many new registered artist your campaigns result in, the prize will go to the Scout who comes up with the most creative campaign! Therefore, we want you to document it and send it to the Scout Manager by the end of the month at the latest. Now go promote Spinnup!

This challenge runs until the end of May. As prize, the winner will get a ticket for one of the major festivals in Sweden this summer. So make sure to do your best!



As the third small challenge, we want you to be on the hunt for likes for the Spinnup Facebook page. A good first step is to invite all your friends to like the page, and if you have your own page you can invite all your followers there, but how you will go on after that is up to you. Be creative! A good example is what Niklas Hansson did for his artist Anna Wihlke, where he collaborated with a jewelry manufacturer to produce bracelets for a like-campaign for her Facebook Page. Maybe contact him for some inspiration?

As it will be hard to measure how many likes each one of you have collected, we will do things a bit different this time. We’ve set the limit to a 1200 likes (currently we have 537), and if we reach that all of you will be rewarded. How will we be rewarded you ask? Well, let’s keep that a secret for now. That’s a bit more than 30 likes you’ll have to collect each, not an impossibility!

Now, go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the middle of May, when a new small challenge begins, so you better start now! If you reach the goal, you will all be rewarded with a night out, to be more specific beer and a concert!



Best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge

Okay guys, you know the drill of the standard challenges by now, but here is a reminder:

The most active listener and commentator wins the desirable badges that make your profile even more attractive. And as usual: do not just comment, but be constructive!

Facebook challengePick one of your artist which you want to compete with. The one that acquires the most new likers will win the very stylish badge that will pimp up your profile. Naturally, you have to Scout an artist in order to be able to participate in this challenge, so if you’re not, make sure to do it! Send the artist you want to compete with to the Scout Manager ASAP. Now go get those likes!

This challenge runs until the end of May.


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