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Spinnup Christmas Hit


Christmas is coming early this year! Our Spinnup Scouts and Universal Music Sweden are  on the hunt for the next big festive hit on Spinnup.

All you need to do is create a release with your best Christmas-themed song, using the voucher code XmasHit16, and you’ll be in the running for your track to be signed by Universal Music Sweden.

Our talented group of Scouts will be keeping an eye (and ear) out for all seasonal songs – the kind Santa would jump up and shake it to!  

This Christmas hit hunt is divided into three steps:

Step one: complete your release through Spinnup before November 30th, preferably earlier!

Step two: our Spinnup Scouts will choose their favourite Christmas songs to present to Universal Music Sweden’s A&R team. With that in mind, make sure you push your track to the scout that is most likely to be interested in your song.

Step three: the A&R team will choose one or more songs to be signed and released through Universal Music Sweden* just in time for the holiday season.

And there’s more! Use the free voucher code XmasHit16 when uploading your track and not only will you get the first year of your release for free but you’ll also be entered into our Christmas competition.

The best Christmas song/songs will be chosen by A&R’s at Universal Music together with our Spinnup scouts.

The best Christmas tracks will also be added to the Digster Christmas playlist and be promoted on Spinnup’s and Universal Music Sweden’s digital channels. Don’t sit around waiting for the advent calendar to start, get into the seasonal spirit early and upload your track today!

All participating tracks will be added to the Spinnup Xmas Hits 2016 playlist on Spotify. Follow the playlist and you will have your holiday sound track sorted! 


**Make sure to set the release date to ASAP, do not choose a specific date.**

Merry X-mas & Good Luck!

*subject to the artist and Universal Music Sweden agreeing acceptable terms relating to the release.

Please note that only tracks with a Christmas theme will be eligible, and that the code XmasHit16 can be used once per artist.  



Nova Miller cover competition: The Winner!

During the fall we’ve been running a cover competition for Nova Miller’s latest single Singin in the Rain.  A lot of great contributions have been submitted in the competition, but now the jury has spoken and elected the final winner!

Aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis…. *drumroll* …. Andrew Blu!

Peter Hart, A&R Manager at Polydor/Universal Music, motivates his choice like this:

For the imaginative and creative remake of Nova Miller’s ‘Singin In The Rain’, the winner of the Nova Miller cover competition is Andrew Blu. Even though the vocals are not 100% and would benefit from some auto-tune, it is, overall, a fun version that shows that the producer has real talent.

Congratulations Andrew!  Prizes include an add to Digster FRESH, promotion in Universal’s, Spinnup’s and Polydor’s channels, and airtime on national Swedish radio.

Listen to the track below!



Newly signed SMILO is a trio consisting of Arvid Ångström, Oscar Berglund Juhola and Dennis Babic. They released the song GOOSEBUMPS on spinnup and were signed to svenska inspelningar (Universal Music).

Please tell us more about SMILO – who you are and how you started making music together.
All of us are DJ’s and music producers, focusing on EDM/pop. We are three happy guys with the intention to spread happiness, along with our music:)!
We started writing music together about a year ago. Dennis and Oscar had an idea for a track and sent it to me (Arvid), and I wrote the topline. The song became SMILO‘s first single! 

Congratulations on your song Goosebumps getting signed to Svenska Inspelningar! How did all of this come together?
Thank you so much! :)
Goosebumps is a song that we recorded when Tropical House started to become the new EDM sound. We released it through Spinnup wich is a powerful tool when aiming to get noticed by a major record label like Universal. We got an email from Svenska Inspelningar saying they wanted to meet. Apparently Goosebumps is one of the most succesfull songs released through Spinnup unsigned. We had a meeting with the team and liked the vibe. Svenska Inspelningar had the same vision that we had, so it felt like the perfect choice for us.

What inspired you to make this song?
Arvid wrote some of the lyrics a few summers back on a trip to Greece. We started producing the track when Tropical House became a mainstream genre so we thought; Why not make it a Pop/Tropical house song? Of course Kygo was a big inspiration when we made the percussion in the track, we really wanted to hit that tropical vibe. Love is a big inspiration for all songwriters and Goosebumps is a love story.

What’s happening in the year to come?
2016 will be a year to remember for us, it’s the year when we get to establish our brand and our concept. We hope to perform at a lot of shows and really show our audience that we are here to stay and spread happiness! 

We will participate in ”Melodifestivalen” which is huge. SMILO will bring a new, fresh and happy sound to the competition.

And of course, there is more music coming. We can’t wait to show you our upcoming songs!

If you would give Spinnup artists some advice, what would it be?
We are no experts regarding people’s musical careers, but one thing we always do is letting the music become what it becomes. Trying to make something that is different is also something in the right direction. When writing lyrics it’s a good thing to keep it simple and let people relate to the story of the song. There’s really no mystery why love is the most common topic in songs.

And Remember to always keep on SMAILING! 😀


Listen to their track Goosebumps:


Nova Miller cover competition!

Stockholm based artist Nova Miller is no regular 14 year old. She is blessed with an incredible voice and is a multi instrumental artist. Last spring, she signed a deal with Polydor Sweden and recently released her latest single Singin In The Rain.

We’re now launching a cover competition of Singin In The Rain together with Nova herself, her label Polydor Sweden and 21:12 Entertainment! Upload your own version of it on Spinnup no later than Friday, December 4th to participate.

What can I win?
– The track will be added to Digster FRESH, a Spotify playlist with over 160 000 followers.
– A professional A&R from Universal Music reviews the track.
– The track will be promoted in all social channels of Nova Miller, Universal Music Sweden, Spinnup, and Polydor Sweden.
– The track will be aired on Swedish national radio.

How do I participate?
– Record and upload your cover version of Nova Miller’s single Singin In The Rain no later than December 4th.
– When submitting the track, use the voucher code SpinnMiller. This gives you the first year for free, and is the way for us to identify the participating tracks.
– The track and the video for it are embedded below. Check it out! You’ll find the lyrics HERE.
Share the video on any social platform using the hashtag #NovaMillerSpinnup.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR TRACK! Remember to enter the code SpinnMiller when doing it, and GOOD LUCK!

On Monday, December 14th the winner is crowned and contacted. The winner is elected by Nova Miller, Polydor, and the Spinnup Scouts.

Please note that all submissions in this competition will be officially released on all our retail partners: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, TIDAL, Rhapsody, and Google Play. When participating, you keep all rights to the submitted track and keep 100% of the royalties it generates. Click here to read our FAQ section regarding cover and tribute versions. All rights for usage of the track ‘Singin In The Rain’ by Nova Miller have been cleared for this competition. Need any help uploading your track? Contact the Spinnup support.

Want to know more about Nova Miller? Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!


Sa’ra Charismata

“They say don’t tell people about your dreams, show them.” Signed to Virgin Records in Sweden, Sa’ra Charismata is telling us about how she got started with music.

Sa’ra Charismata, how did it all begin for you?
As a child music was mainly about showmanship and entertainment and a way to get my parents’ attention. I used music to hustle kids in school. I’d sing tunes and do voice impressions on the playground and in exchange kids would give me their candy. I guess I realized my gift of music as a tool to assert influence early on. I wrote and recorded my first set of songs when I was 14. I used to download instrumentals from Napster and Kazaa and sing over it too. You know, just grindin’ with whatever means were available to me.

I’ve experimented with different forms of expression and genres over the years. But my artistry came full circle when I discovered the activist in me. I had just turned 18 years old when I moved to the U.S. for college. Once I got there I experienced a different reality than the happy melting pot “where everyone belongs” depicted in the American shows that I grew up watching. I remember my first few weeks at university in Colorado wondering why all the black kids would always sit together in the dining hall, away from the white kids. The classrooms were mixed but outside the classroom it was something else. It didn’t take long before I had experienced campus racism first-hand. I had heard about other black students on campus being subjected to racial slurs, but it was a very personal incident, being called a “Black F*cking N***er” and having my life threatened by my roommate, and friend at the time, that really triggered the activist in me. Tired of feeling marginalized I chose to feel empowered instead. And it wasn’t long before two college professors, Dr. George Junne and Dr. Hermon George, took me under their wings and inspired me to become a social justice and rights activist leader on campus. I became a well-known voice for change; I was elected president of the campus organization “Summit Organizing Committee on Social Justice and Diversity (SOC)” and I was the first student invited to join a campus bias response team, which included the president of the University and the Board of Trustees.

Pop music can play an important role in getting your message of social criticism across. Today, I devote my time wholeheartedly to writing and performing music. With every lyric, with every note, with every melody that I write, I have chosen to address the critical issues of our generation.

Congratulations on your signing! How did all of this come together?
Thank you! Well, I self-released Mushroom on Spinnup and the song was picked up by P3 over the summer and Nicke Rune at Virgin/Universal heard it on the radio and hit me up through Spinnup Project Manager Erik. I met with Nicke and Nora at Virgin and the rest is history. Some things in life are undeniable. When it’s something real you just know. You know?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
They say don’t tell people about your dreams, show them. But I will say this. I always strive for greatness and the rest I leave up to God. See I wait for inspiration to hit first and only act once and only if inspiration has hit. I have often been told I should write music everyday. What for? What will I have observed and learned in a day’s time? Isn’t the point of art to communicate authentically? To go through a “hero’s journey” and come out the other end with a piece of information, or better yet, more questions?

What’s happening next?
I am releasing a new song! I feel this is my best work to date! This one really came to me as a blessing. The title is still pending and I think it will be released this month or next. This is a very exciting time to be at Virgin Records!

If you would give Spinnup artists some advice, what would it be?
Time is your best friend. Don’t treat it as your enemy. We are always seeking for instant approval or validation, and let’s be honest; the music industry is one of the harshest in the sense that the litmus test for success is mass approval. But your time will come when it’s supposed to and if it hasn’t happened yet it’s because there is something you are supposed to learn that you have not learned yet. In fact, I would say be thankful that you have not been thrown into the lion’s den prematurely and enjoy the journey.


Who is Mavrick?

There is a new act signed to polydor. His debut single REMEDY was released a week ago and the official music video premiered on NOISEY today. Mavrick was introduced to the label by SPINNUP scout and manager Ali.

Mavrick, please tell us more about yourself – how did it all begin for you?
I actually didn’t start making music until I was about 19. Before that everything was about football. I did discover quite early in school that I could sing but never really saw it as a thing I wanted to do.

It wasn’t until I started to listen to old soul music and Prince that I was completely captured. I learned to play the guitar by myself at home and tried to be Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Prince.

Congratulations on your release Remedy and on being signed to Polydor! How did all of this come together?
Thanks I’m so stoked about everything that’s happening right now!

It all began with Ali, my manager and also Spinnup scout who played it at an A&R meeting at Universal Sweden. He got a text from Polydor before the song was finished that said they wanted to sign it.  

How was it to work with scout and manager Ali?
Me and Ali go way way back so we have a very open and honest relationship. He has always supported me and always comes with good input. It feels really good to have someone I trust completely by my side, stepping in to this crazy world. He’s extremely passionate about music and finding new stuff! I’m lucky to have him!

Your debut single is called ‘Remedy’. What does the song mean to you?
With remedy we wanted to make a pop song that nobody had heard before. Mixing all our influences such as pop, soul, gospel, trip hop and drum & bass and blending them all together.

It’s a song about facing your inner demons. To be true to yourself!

What’s happening in the year to come?
We’re always in the studio writing new stuff. Hopefully there’s an album coming out this Spring. But to start with I just want to get out on the road and get as many people as possible to listen to my music. Me and the band have so much fun playing these songs live and we want everyone to share that with us.

If you would give Spinnup artists some advice, what would it be?
Keep making the music you love and don’t focus so much on what’s hot right now. I never thought anyone would like Remedy, it’s actually quite weird. But we had so much fun making it and that shines through!

Watch the official video here:

Listen to it on Spotify.


Introducing: Samuraii

Two 20-year olds from Stockholm, Sweden who call themselves Samuraii. They recently released a remix of The World I Know originally by Nause, through Svenska Inspelningar (Universal Music). Find out more about who they are and where they are heading!

How did you get in to creating music?
Music has always been a part of our lives but the production part started when we were about 14 years old. We’ve always been in to being creative and creating stuff with our computers. Before starting to produce music we played around a lot with programs like photoshop, adobe after effects and so on. When we were 14 years old we stumbled upon FL Studio and from there on we have been hooked on creating music. 

Who or what inspires you?
We listen to a huge amount of music on a daily basis and it’s a big part of our lives. Everything we listen to inspires us in some way, some more than others. But what inspires us today and to produce are Bakemat, Thomas Jack and Kygo.

What has the response to your music been like so far?
We have almost only gotten positive responses, a bit of constructive criticism would be good once in awhile =)

What’s happening next?
At the moment we are finishing up some remixes. After that we will start working on original music, really excited about that!

Listen to The World I Know (Samuraii Remix).


Kassandra signed to Capitol!

Introduced to the A&Rs at a Spinnup meeting by scout Martin, Kassandra has now been signed to Capitol Music. TODAY she released her version of The Cardigans 90’s classic Lovefool.

Please give us a short recap – who is Kassandra and what is your background in music?
When I was younger I was more into arts and crafts and was sure I was gonna be a painting artist of some kind when I got older, although then I hadn’t realized how expressing myself through singing and music would make me feel. I’m a very extrovert person and it suits me very well to express myself with my body and voice.

I went to a classical music school from the age of 10-16. Later on I graduated from the musician- and artist’s high school Rytmus in Stockholm where I developed my singing skills and really found what I’m about as a singer. Around that time I started writing my own songs too. Ever since then I’ve had a strong idea and vision of what would best reflect me as a singer and artist musically and by that I mean how the songs are arranged and with what synth sounds, pads and hi-hats etc. I moved to London, did the band thing and got in and out of projects which didn’t feel 100% right. Back in Stockholm, three years later, I got myself into basic music production which opened up a whole new world to me. You need to know the language cause only you can translate the atmospheres you feel so strongly in your body. To get here has been a quite long and rocky road with other words.

Congratulations on your signing! Tell us more about how it all came about.
I had worked myself into a mental and physical crash and didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do anymore. While I was recovering from it I thought “fuck it, I’ll just put up Abdicate (one of my hundred’s of songs) up through Spinnup”, which I didn’t know much about at all. The response from the scouts was immediate and very flattering, but what they had to offer didn’t match my needs to be able to proceed with my songs. I needed a producer who could actualize my atmospheric demo productions and make actual tunes out of them together with me. One rainy day I had an email from Martin, we spoke on the phone and started working with no real common goal over the internet. A few months later I took the 8 hours bus ride down to where he worked and lived and amongst a few songs Run was born. Martin decided to present the song and me at a meeting and it went pretty well. Shortly after I was invited to a meeting with Universal but nothing happened after that, so I decided to release the song using Spinnup again. The response was heart warming. Almost half a year later Fredrik from Capitol got in touch and he’s a lad! Cause look, here we are today!

You work closely with Spinnup scout Martin – what role did he play in introducing your music to the label?
Being an open-minded, responsive, non-sexist, extremely talented, persistent and efficient co-worker, life coach and friend. Just like myself. I need a sense of humor in my life.

Your debut single through the label is a cover of The Cardigan’s Lovefool. How did you decide on making your own version of this 90’s song?
I often sing karaoke with my friends and have always wanted to do a serious attempt on a cover. I love how music is so movable, open and adaptable to new landscapes and atmospheres. I felt that Lovefool had fuel left to burn because unlike humans a song actually never dies. In my version the message has moved from an unrequited love story to another universal aspect; Today everyone in this western society convulsively strives to be loved, admired and accepted, all to justify our existence. It may be the case that I’m singing to my own ego and demons too.

What are your expectations for the year to come?
I’m hoping to do a lot of live appearances as that’s where I’m the happiest. I also love the interactions with musicians. I’m really not a studio person. And of course I can’t wait to share more of my original songs. They just need a bit of more tweaking!

Listen to her debut single through Capitol Music HERE!


Spinnup UK Partners With Dizzyjam

At Spinnup, we’ve partnered with on-demand merch company Dizzyjam to cater for your merch needs…without the stock risk and with an exclusive bonus discount!

Dizzyjam makes it easy for anyone who makes or plays music to create and sell their merch, direct to their fans. All you need is a logo or design, and they do the rest. Just create your merch online using the product creator, and you can instantly start selling worldwide. They give you a free shop, embed codes, Facebook stores and a whole bunch more useful tools to help you sell merch to your fans.

The whole process is completely free, and will never cost a penny. You just decide how much you want to make for each product sold – whether that’s a t-shirt, hoodie, cap, bag or mug. And as a Spinnup user you get a bonus payment on each sale!



Three young artists who are ready to take on the world!

In May 2015, we held a streaming competition for our Spinnup artists. Five artists went to the final event where a winner was chosen. However, there were three artists in the running who happened to be too young to participate in the final event. Since they did so well, we wanted to introduce to you these three young acts:

Pontus Rasmusson
Teen-sensation Pontus Rasmusson’s explosion onto the music scene has been several years in the making. The success of his EP CLOSER and several singles on iTunes, Spotify and many other online music stores have taken him from nobody to somebody. Pontus started to sing before he could talk and music came naturally to him from his early years.

Pontus’s YouTube channel has nearly half a million views from people keen to see his live and music videos. His covers, and his own produced material, have gained him thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter and a rapidly growing Facebook fanbase (almost 10k likes).

Pontus’s motto underpins his ambition to sing what he loves: “to achieve, you must be fighting”. 

With 11 singles, including his brand new single This Is Love (you can listen to it here) and an EP, things are set to prosper even further for Pontus Rasmusson. We predict an exciting career, that is ready to take him all over the world. Pontus is going to continue producing new music and covers. Look out for him; someday he might come to your city.

Check out his profile here!

Hovzter is a 14 year-old DJ/Producer: real name Pontus Nilsson from the Swedish city Uddevalla. His first single “What Time Is It” quickly became popular on Spotify when it was released in May 2015.

“I’ve always been interested in music. I learned about fruity loops when I was 11 or 12 and really liked it. I’ve been making music almost every day since. 10 years from now, I hope to be playing at big festivals, releasing lots of music on big labels and be in the music industry as a full-time job. That would really be a dream come true!”

Check out his profile here!

Mazen Awad
Mazen is 15 years old and loves to produce and write his own songs. He’s very creative: he can play the guitar, piano and the drums. He loves to sing and perform.

He has always loved music and singing, but just did it for fun until he was about 11 years old. That’s when he discovered a studio near where he lived. “I wanted to make a song, so I went there and made my first cover and posted it on YouTube. That’s how it started.”

As time went on, he started to like music more and more. He already loved to sing and perform. He was told that what he was doing was good, too, so he continued doing what he loves: music! “I can’t see myself not living out my dream.. which is being an international pop star.”

When we asked what he would be doing in 10 years, he replied:
“In 10 years I can see myself have reached my dreams. I will have released a hit song and made a World tour. I will have sold out Madison Square Garden and will have reached the climax of my career.”

Check out his profile here!



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