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With Spinnup you can release your tunes to the world via our top digital music retail and streaming partners. But what about when you want the world to see your beautiful faces, and witness your music as it’s being played? Thanks to our friends at MusicNow, you can!

We have seen MusicNow in action first hand, using several cameras to stream live to Facebook, as we did for the Raptags 2016 final held by Spinnup Germany and Chapter One. Check out the live stream here, which accumulated thousands of views, likes, shares and comments!

What is MusicNow?

MusicNow is a live video streaming service for musicians. You can live stream your concerts or rehearsals easily just by using your iPhone or iPad! What’s even better is that it’s completely free for fans and musicians.

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Spinnup Christmas Hit


Christmas is coming early this year! Our Spinnup Scouts and Universal Music Sweden are  on the hunt for the next big festive hit on Spinnup.

All you need to do is create a release with your best Christmas-themed song, using the voucher code XmasHit16, and you’ll be in the running for your track to be signed by Universal Music Sweden.

Our talented group of Scouts will be keeping an eye (and ear) out for all seasonal songs – the kind Santa would jump up and shake it to!  

This Christmas hit hunt is divided into three steps:

Step one: complete your release through Spinnup before November 30th, preferably earlier!

Step two: our Spinnup Scouts will choose their favourite Christmas songs to present to Universal Music Sweden’s A&R team. With that in mind, make sure you push your track to the scout that is most likely to be interested in your song.

Step three: the A&R team will choose one or more songs to be signed and released through Universal Music Sweden* just in time for the holiday season.

And there’s more! Use the free voucher code XmasHit16 when uploading your track and not only will you get the first year of your release for free but you’ll also be entered into our Christmas competition.

The best Christmas song/songs will be chosen by A&R’s at Universal Music together with our Spinnup scouts.

The best Christmas tracks will also be added to the Digster Christmas playlist and be promoted on Spinnup’s and Universal Music Sweden’s digital channels. Don’t sit around waiting for the advent calendar to start, get into the seasonal spirit early and upload your track today!

All participating tracks will be added to the Spinnup Xmas Hits 2016 playlist on Spotify. Follow the playlist and you will have your holiday sound track sorted! 


**Make sure to set the release date to ASAP, do not choose a specific date.**

Merry X-mas & Good Luck!

*subject to the artist and Universal Music Sweden agreeing acceptable terms relating to the release.

Please note that only tracks with a Christmas theme will be eligible, and that the code XmasHit16 can be used once per artist.  



Nova Miller cover competition: The Winner!

During the fall we’ve been running a cover competition for Nova Miller’s latest single Singin in the Rain.  A lot of great contributions have been submitted in the competition, but now the jury has spoken and elected the final winner!

Aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis…. *drumroll* …. Andrew Blu!

Peter Hart, A&R Manager at Polydor/Universal Music, motivates his choice like this:

For the imaginative and creative remake of Nova Miller’s ‘Singin In The Rain’, the winner of the Nova Miller cover competition is Andrew Blu. Even though the vocals are not 100% and would benefit from some auto-tune, it is, overall, a fun version that shows that the producer has real talent.

Congratulations Andrew!  Prizes include an add to Digster FRESH, promotion in Universal’s, Spinnup’s and Polydor’s channels, and airtime on national Swedish radio.

Listen to the track below!


Kassandra signed to Capitol!

Introduced to the A&Rs at a Spinnup meeting by scout Martin, Kassandra has now been signed to Capitol Music. TODAY she released her version of The Cardigans 90’s classic Lovefool.

Please give us a short recap – who is Kassandra and what is your background in music?
When I was younger I was more into arts and crafts and was sure I was gonna be a painting artist of some kind when I got older, although then I hadn’t realized how expressing myself through singing and music would make me feel. I’m a very extrovert person and it suits me very well to express myself with my body and voice.

I went to a classical music school from the age of 10-16. Later on I graduated from the musician- and artist’s high school Rytmus in Stockholm where I developed my singing skills and really found what I’m about as a singer. Around that time I started writing my own songs too. Ever since then I’ve had a strong idea and vision of what would best reflect me as a singer and artist musically and by that I mean how the songs are arranged and with what synth sounds, pads and hi-hats etc. I moved to London, did the band thing and got in and out of projects which didn’t feel 100% right. Back in Stockholm, three years later, I got myself into basic music production which opened up a whole new world to me. You need to know the language cause only you can translate the atmospheres you feel so strongly in your body. To get here has been a quite long and rocky road with other words.

Congratulations on your signing! Tell us more about how it all came about.
I had worked myself into a mental and physical crash and didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do anymore. While I was recovering from it I thought “fuck it, I’ll just put up Abdicate (one of my hundred’s of songs) up through Spinnup”, which I didn’t know much about at all. The response from the scouts was immediate and very flattering, but what they had to offer didn’t match my needs to be able to proceed with my songs. I needed a producer who could actualize my atmospheric demo productions and make actual tunes out of them together with me. One rainy day I had an email from Martin, we spoke on the phone and started working with no real common goal over the internet. A few months later I took the 8 hours bus ride down to where he worked and lived and amongst a few songs Run was born. Martin decided to present the song and me at a meeting and it went pretty well. Shortly after I was invited to a meeting with Universal but nothing happened after that, so I decided to release the song using Spinnup again. The response was heart warming. Almost half a year later Fredrik from Capitol got in touch and he’s a lad! Cause look, here we are today!

You work closely with Spinnup scout Martin – what role did he play in introducing your music to the label?
Being an open-minded, responsive, non-sexist, extremely talented, persistent and efficient co-worker, life coach and friend. Just like myself. I need a sense of humor in my life.

Your debut single through the label is a cover of The Cardigan’s Lovefool. How did you decide on making your own version of this 90’s song?
I often sing karaoke with my friends and have always wanted to do a serious attempt on a cover. I love how music is so movable, open and adaptable to new landscapes and atmospheres. I felt that Lovefool had fuel left to burn because unlike humans a song actually never dies. In my version the message has moved from an unrequited love story to another universal aspect; Today everyone in this western society convulsively strives to be loved, admired and accepted, all to justify our existence. It may be the case that I’m singing to my own ego and demons too.

What are your expectations for the year to come?
I’m hoping to do a lot of live appearances as that’s where I’m the happiest. I also love the interactions with musicians. I’m really not a studio person. And of course I can’t wait to share more of my original songs. They just need a bit of more tweaking!

Listen to her debut single through Capitol Music HERE!


Relive the Stream Your Dream final!

Relive the Stream Your Dream final which was held in Stockholm and live streamed to the world, or see it for the first time!

Big thanks to all the artists and bands that made it such an amazing night:

– Sthlm Underground
– Lionfly Secrets
– Nadina
– Melina Borglowe
– Sthlmiana

And HUGE congrats to Melina Borglowe who won the competition!


Scout Introduction: Jonathan

We have a new scout, Jonathan! Here’s what he had to say about himself: 

There isn’t enough space here for me to tell you everything about myself, so for now I’ll settle for this:

Music is what makes my heart beat. I live for the thrill of finding new and groundbreaking music before anyone else does, and I put a lot of time and effort into the hunt. Without getting into too much detail, here are the genres I like: Future Beats, Future Garage, Future House, Future RnB, Future Soul, Future Bass, Future Trap, Future Chill, UK House (I promise I’ve left out lots of detail!)

When I find something I like, it makes my day. Besides music, I also enjoy music, hanging out with music and spend most of my weekends looking for new music. Oh, I almost forgot… I also DJ!

Over and out. 

To find out more about Jonathan, visit his Scout profile!


NEW SIGNING: IRO signed to Universal Music Sweden/Polydor

The 8th signed artist from Spinnup to Universal Music is IRO! Discovered by Spinnup scout Christoffer, we decided to find out more about the two of them and how it all came about.

Christoffer, please tell us a bit about yourself – how did you get started in the music business and scouting for Spinnup?
My first steps in the music business was as a musician. I started out playing guitar, both live and in the studio. I love creating music but as I studied communication science at university, my old interest in being music journalist started to grow again and I began to write reviews and pieces on mostly rock and metal, and that is something I do regularly as a freelancer today. But I have always been fascinated by record labels and wanted to work with music regarding PR, Marketing and A&R. When I saw that Universal was looking for people for this new exciting project Spinnup, I was very eager to send in my application.

What do you look for in an artist?
I look for identity. We scouts get exposed to so much music that in order for something to look enticing, it needs a clear and strong character. A confidence that says “this is me, and I know what I am doing”. Along with that, a kind of self consciousness, often strong ambition and thirst for development comes naturally, which combined with musical abilities is a recipe for success.

How did you discover IRO?
IRO used Spinnup for his digital distribution and I was one of the scouts that he contacted. I then checked out his release and saw that the artwork and his photos was not only cool but also very interesting. From the moment I pushed play I instantly knew that this was something out of the ordinary. This guy knew who he was and what he wanted to do. You could hear it.

Do you still work/stay in touch with IRO after the signing?
Yes, we stay in touch. Even though he lives in New York and I live in Uppsala, Sweden, we’ve met while I was in New York on vacation. This story on how he, as an american artist, actually is signed to Universal in Sweden, by simply giving me a push on Spinnup is amazing. Who knows where it will take either of us? IRO has become a friend of mine and we will definitely meet up again.

What kind of relationship should there be between a scout and the artist?
The relationship is what you make it. Some artists are in need of help with a variety of things, while others just need some input on specific stuff. I see the Scout role as a person who simply cares about good music and because of that offer his or hers opinion on what it might need to take it to the next level. Being a Scout can involve anything from being a manager, producer, engineer, songwriter, PR-marketer or simply an honest helping friend.

What advice do you have for those who wish to be scouted?
In order to get scouted, you need to see it a bit as a sales pitch. If you are trying to create interest, you should not only have good music to showcase. You should also tell us what you have accomplished so far, where you are heading to and what you look for in becoming scouted. We scouts all have different networks and specializations, so try to find your own scouts and impress them both creatively as well as commercially.

Who is IRO?
IRO is an artist who possesses something unique in today’s music business. By combining deep lyrics, a passionate voice and a soulful mixture of pop, folk and electronics, he has managed to find an untapped source of strong melodies and intricate songs. On his self-titled EP he showcases several sides of his creative mind, music that ranges from sexy RnB to catchy Folk Pop. It was the single “Sun” that drew the attention of Universal Music, when Spinnup scout Christoffer Bertzell pitched the music to the label. The song spread instantly through the office corridors at Universal and after some talks over different timezones, a deal was inked and IRO was the first American artist to get signed to Universal through Spinnup. 

Listen to “Sun” HERE.


Get your songs mastered with Cuttingroom Studios!

When aiming to become an artist, music quality is crucial. We’re proud to announce an exclusive opportunity for you to get your music mastered online. Spinnup has partnered up with Cuttingroom Studios in order to make your music sound even better than before.

Cuttingroom is the leading mastering studio in Scandinavia, with more than 30 years in the business. It is one of the most famous studios in Sweden and have produced several worldwide hits since 1978. Some artists that have worked with Cuttingroom are Tove Lo, Vigiland and Albin!

In just 3 easy steps you can sign up:
1. Login to your Spinnup account.
2. Go to your settings page (personal information section) and fetch your user ID.
3: Go to the offers page, click the link and claim your deal.

This offer includes 15% off the total price of your online mastering through Cuttingroom Studios.

For more information about this offer and how to proceed, click here.

It all starts with a great song and if you add professional mastering it increases your chances of being discovered through Spinnup!

/Team Spinnup


Introducing: Kastrup

This week we introduce Kastrup –  a Malmö based alternative pop duo, Timmie and Puppe.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
Puppe: I started as a drummer at the age of 10 and then moved on to guitar. I got hold of a cracked version of Cubase and started to explore songwriting and music production. I went to the Malmö academy of music to study music production which is where I met Timmie. The rest is history!
Timmie: I got a guitar when I was 17 and started to write songs and sing. I loved it, started a band and was accepted into the Malmö Academy of Music to study music production. I then quit the band and after meeting Puppe, I got restless and we founded Kastrup!

Who/what inspires you?
Puppe: Ok… this is always a hard question to answer, I guess because I don’t have a specific inspiration source to pinpoint. I am inspired by everything from Queens of the Stone Age, Frida Sundemo, to Deadmau5 and my mom! Right now I’m really into the songwriters/producers Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare & Magnus Lidehäll.
Timmie: Uhmm… Right now I’m a sucker for Jonathan Johansson’s latest release Lebensraum! – the songs are nice and the lyrics are epic! I’ve always been inspired by people and music which tells stories and inspires people to think such as songwriters like Tomas Öberg (Bob Hund) and Joakim Berg (Kent).

Tell us more about your latest release Thieves.
Timmie: It’s actually a very old song that I wrote for 5 or 6 years ago. It started out as a pretty naked, mellow song with acoustic strumming but evolved into more of a “synth environmental” piece when I met Puppe and the musicians we play with (Joakim, Edvin, Andreas). Thieves is a pretty slow, electronic-type pop ballad about made-up boundaries.

How has the response to your music been so far?
It’s all been surprisingly overwhelming! We’ve received so many good words from people, good reviews from bloggers, radio and critics. It’s an amazing feeling. We try to suck it in as much as we can!

What are your expectations for this year?
This year has started out pretty awesome, and hopefully the awesomeness will continue throughout the year. We’d love to reach more listeners, build a bigger fanbase and also meet them face to face on our live gigs all over Sweden. ALSO we just moved in to our OWN STUDIO!! So we expect to spend a lot of time in this cosy cellar in the center of Malmö writing new music.

What’s happening next – any releases, gigs or tours coming up?
We have some radio interviews and live sessions planned. On 21st of April we will release the music video for Thieves and then on 24th of April we will support Little Jinder at her gig on Babel here in Malmö. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Listen to Thieves on Spotify!



Introducing: Erik Jonasson

This week Spinnup had a chat with Singer/Songwriter Erik Jonasson.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
My family has always been interested in music. My older brother and my dad played guitar, and that’s the reason why I started as well. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy it at all, I just did it because I was expected to. I didn’t play much because I didn’t want anyone to listen. As I grew older, I became more confident and started playing more often.

At the age of fifteen I played a lot of funk, soul and jazz music as I liked the improvising aspect of it. Even if the song you played already was composed you had the freedom to spontaneously change it and like every other guitarist of that age, I liked to play the guitar-solos.

The first time I tried to make my own music was at the beginning of Secondary School. To be just a good musician was no longer the most important thing for me. Instead, I wanted to feel something for and with the music.

The music became an art form instead of a sport competition for me.

I started to make my own indie-pop music with a lot of synthesizers and effects but my music has changed and grown a lot since back then.

After Secondary School I moved to Stockholm to study on a sound engineer school. I wanted to make my music sound more professional and I really learned a lot. At school I started to make music with my classmate Love Sivik who is the same amazing producer I work with today.

Who and what
inspires you?
As long as I’ve been writing music I’ve been some kind of singer-songwriter, so of course I am inspired by other singer-songwriters. I love Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez, Anna Ternheim, Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell and others. However, what inspires me the most is movies and I think that is something you can hear in our music. It’s the same kind of atmosphere you can hear in a movie soundtrack and it’s the same kind of melancholy you can feel at the end of a strong movie.

I get inspired by movies that make you feel. It can be a  movie about relationships or it can be a movie about the future and how we humans destroy our planet, or it can be something completely different. What’s important is that it makes me think and feel something.

What has the response to your music been like?
I had my first concert with this project just a few months ago, so I guess I haven’t been playing long enough to get that mush response, but the response I’ve got from people who have been listen is very positive. People say that they really like and feel something when they listen to our music and I hope they don’t say it just to be polite!

What are your expectations for this year?

Today we released a new single and we will release an EP later this year. Our goal is to make music that touches and makes people feel something real.  I hope we can reach out to as many as possible.

Listen to his latest single Like a Funeral on Spotify today!


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