Get your Music on Vinyl with Vinylify

Today millions of tracks are available at the click of a button – just a stream away. As an artist you can easily distribute your music online with the help of distribution services as ‘Spinnup’.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring tangibility back to your music? We’re talking to our friends at Vinylify about how to create limited runs of vinyl as an independent artist and for what you could use it for.


While it’s never been out of fashion with diehard fans, the nostalgic connection to vinyl in the digital era is at an all time high. Connecting the accessibility of digital with the tactile satisfaction of an actual record is at the heart of what Vinylify is doing.


Vinylify is an online service for artists to create their very own unique 10” vinyl record. Everything can be personalised and the process is simple – using their streamlined “vinyl creator tool”, but more on that later.


Limited runs for independent artists

To date, artists have been limited to ordering large quantities (+300) of vinyl at a time. Vinylify is able to produce quantities starting from one as they cut vinyl by hand. It allows all artists, emerging or established names to have their digital release on a physical vinyl record. You can easily create one copy for yourself, all band members or your fans.


Custom vinyl for music promotion

Selling, sharing, and promoting music have moved entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since your audience engagement has been forced online right now, we thought it’d be a good time to remind you about several ways to use limited runs of vinyl for promotional purposes online.


If you’re looking for a great way to promote your music and grow your audience, then running a giveaway/contest with custom vinyl is definitely for you. We give you a few ideas of how you can do this as an artist.


  • Get your brand new digital only release on vinyl as a limited edition. Give your fans the opportunity to win something unique, the only vinyl copy ever being made.
  • Let one of your fans pick their favorite tracks from your music catalog to create a limited edition vinyl record.


How to create your vinyl record

To make it as easy as possible for artists, Vinylify renewed their website and vinyl creation process and made the process simple. Artists can upload their own music for both sides. Of course vinyl isn’t vinyl without great cover art, so customising the album cover is also an option. Vinylify then cuts the vinyl by hand in the heart of Amsterdam, presses the covers and ships it to you, wherever you are in the world.


The process to create your vinyl is very simple and contains 3 easy steps.


    1. Design Cover

Upload your artwork for the front and back cover. For images it’s recommended to use a high-resolution square jpeg. or png. files (minimum 2048×2048).


    1. Create Record

Choose a vinyl color and upload a design for your labels including title and tracklist. Currently, Vinylify is offering black, white, and colored transparent vinyl (clear, red, blue and green).


    1. Upload Your Music

You can fit a maximum of 10 minutes of music per side, so 20 minutes total. Preferably mastered in wav or mp3 (320 kbps) format.


Vinyl production studio

Vinylify’s experienced vinyl cutters spend hours carving records to perfection. From vinyl cutting, quality control, packaging, it’s all done by hand. Want to see how it’s done? Check out the video below:



Save 10% on your custom made vinyl record with Vinylify

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