Well Versed


Time to announce the winners of this challenge! Which will be the lucky ones that will go to the festivals and promote Spinnup this summer? The participation in this challenge was pretty low, which was rather surprising since festivals are something everybody enjoys. But enough, let’s hear it!

Hultsfred (13-15th of June): No one wanted to go to Hultsfred, what! But we already have a team of dedicated Scouts on site: Amanda Brink, Georg Ekelund and Jonatan Södergren. Even the Scout Manager will be there himself!

Bråvalla (27-29th of June): Matias Lehtola, Zoofie Ljung and Marcus Krylborn, congratulations to you all!

Way Out West (8-10th of August): Not many that wanted to go to Way Out West, but Viktor Falkfält did a great job and will be one of our Scouts there. As with Hultsfred, we already have a team of Scouts on site as well: Jonatan Södergren, Niklas Hansson and Georg Ekelund. The Scout Manager will also be present!

You all wrote great promotion plans for Spinnup at these festivals, but as with all competitions, some win and some lose. Now it’s time to make those plans a reality, and make sure that every visitor at the festivals know what Spinnup is when they go home! We would like you to document as much as you can, so we can use that content on the site as well in our social media channels. You will all get access to the Spinnup Instagram account as well (this will be sent to you when the festival begins). The winners win tickets to the festivals and Universal Music covers the travel cost as well. Have fun!