Well Versed


Time to announce the winners of the challenges in May!

We were very impressed by your contributions to this and your hard work. But, as usual, one of our precious Scouts did that little extra. This month it waaaaaaas… *drumroll*…. Niklas Hansson! Besides the “usual” guerilla marketing activities such as handing out flyer, putting up posters and stickers, he organized a live show for his artist Anna Wihlke at Obaren in Stockholm. The show was a great place for marketing Spinnup, with one of our artists performing. Anna even said “thanks to Spinnup” during the show which made it even better. Congrats to you Niklas, you’ll win a ticket to the Way Out West festival i August!

Since we didn’t reach the goal of 1200 likes, unfortunately you won’t win any prize for this. Currently, we just passed the 700 limit, so keep on working on this and you will be rewarded!

Best listener: Niklas Hansson must be listening to everything Spinnup has to offer! And we want to hand out a badge to another Scout for best listener this month, Marcus Krylborn! Only a few week as a Scout and he has been listening like bananas!

Best commentator: Oscar Larsson, you did it again! Keep on giving great feedback to our artists, and you other Scouts, of course you’ll do the same!

Facebook: This one goes to you, Annie Turesson! Your band Damn Delicious passed 2300 likes, great job (Matias – Bosson doesn’t count, he already had some likes before you scouted him 🙂 )! Overall when looking at your artists’ Facebook pages, there are surprisingly few likes, maybe work a bit on that?

Badges will be put on your profiles to make them even more attractive.

You’ve all done a great job but congratulations goes out to our winners! The festival challenge is still under review and the winners of it will be announced soon, along with new and fresh challenges!