Stop Music Appearing On Another Artist’s page

The music market is oversaturated, there is so much music being created and distributed by artists from all around the world; finding a unique name can be difficult.

Fun fact – did you know there are more than 8000 artists on Spotify with “Lil” in their names? EIGHT-THOUSAND!


With such similarities, mistakes can occur in the store’s systems and it’s not uncommon for a release to land on the wrong artist’s page. If it happens to you, don’t panic, it can be fixed!


However, we know prevention is far better than cure, so here’s what you need to do before your first release with us:

• Go on major streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music and check if anyone uses the same artist name as you.

• If you find a match, you should try to give your name a tweak so it’s not EXACTLY the same or if you aren’t too committed, change it completely!

• Here are some tips to find a great band name, they’ll guide any artist who lacks inspiration.

• Make your account verified on music stores. Learn how to do it for Spotify and Apple Music.


Once, you’ve ticked all the boxes above, it’s time to create your release;

• When filling the forms for your release, make sure the information you enter is accurate, as we will send it directly to stores – Proofreading is imperative!

• Notify us of any mistakes made as soon as you notice them!


Now what to do if it’s already happened?

• Do not worry about the other artist earning your royalties – they won’t.

• Focus on gathering evidence with links, screenshots etc.

• Go to the Spinnup Help Centre and submit a request with our team so they can help get it fixed.

From the dropdown menu select Store Issue > Release is on wrong page. Add all the relevant links, including a link to your release, the incorrect profile and your correct artist profile. This helps our team sort it out with stores as quick as possible.

• We will get in touch with stores and fix it.


For any other questions on your releases, stats & earnings or legal issues, head to the Spinnup Help Centre.


Having your release land on the correct page in stores is not the only advantage of having a unique artist name, read about the other perks here.