What makes a great biography

Whether you’re looking for airplay, gigs or reviews – ideally your biog covers all bases. So where do you start, what do you include and how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Here’s some useful guidance…

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the person reading your biog and think about what’s likely to create a favourable impression. Your biog needs to be informative (provides all the information they need so they don’t waste time researching basic facts); interesting (what’s going to grab their attention in the opening paragraph and keep them reading); and concise (won’t take too long to read because they’ve got a pile of other work to do.)

While the style of writing and presentation is a personal choice, you should aim to answer the following questions: who (band members), what (instruments/music), how, when and where (background information, keep it succinct and relevant). Your Spinnup profile will help you provide all the necessary information with a handy template including a general introduction, as well as sections to list your influences, describe your music genre(s) and name the band members and instruments. Do name drop if you’ve worked with an established figure in the music industry, or played support for other up-and-coming bands, and include any good reviews. Don’t make it up!

Do your research, look at other band biogs, get inspired by them and think about what you enjoy reading as a music fan. Do you have friends who are budding journalists or writers? Get them to interview you and write a feature on your band, tell a story, include quotes and interesting anecdotes. You also need to think about photos to accompany your biog, so tap into your network of friends, see if there are any talented photographers or designers who can help out. On a practical note, include portrait and landscape versions and make sure the file size is big enough to produce decent print quality.

Save the reader’s time. Entertain them. Develop your own style. And finally, remember to keep your biog up-to-date with news of any upcoming releases or performances. Good luck with your biography!