What happened in: January

The internet is a wide and wonderful(and weird) place, but let’s face it sometimes with the sheer amount of information, music, memes and cat videos, it’s just too hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. In an effort to combat that we are starting a wrap up of everything that went down in the world of Spinnup, music, and beyond at the end of each month. If you come across anything for next month you think we should include, shoot us an email at 

The best of the blog 

  • If you think you’re ready for the summer festival circuit, read our guide to the best UK music festivals for up and coming musicians in 2018, including how to apply and application deadlines.
  • Do you have a great release ready to upload? Make sure you give it an A+ package with good cover art, we’ve got some tips on how to get it done.
  • Plus we introduced you to some of our favourite new acts, Scottish electro-pop duo Chuchoter (that’s French for ‘whisper’ ooh la la), German act To Be We who are releasing one single a week(!), and up and coming Swedish rapper taking Spotify by storm, Saimon Kay.

Music industry news 

  • Good news hip-hop artists (and fans!) – A recent Nielsen Music study has found that hip-hop surpassed rock as 2017’s biggest genre! Read more
  • Spotify recently git 70 million paying subscribers, which means as a Spinnup artist you have 70 million potential fans to reach with your releases! Read more
  • Remember what we said above about album artwork? This could be getting even better with Spotify testing a new feature that replaces static artwork with GIF-like loop videos. Read more
  • Mental Health is a serious issue in the music industry, and Help Musicians UK are doing all they can to help musicians (it’s in the name really) by launching a new operation in Scotland. Read more
  • Facebook is making some big changes to the newsfeed, which could have an adverse effect on how your fans see your artist page. Read more
  • Native Instruments launches, a new samples library for you to use in your music production. Read more
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is coming to Australia and New Zealand next month, which means your music could reach more ears down under! Read more


Our favourite January Spinnup releases 

Mezzanine, the self-titled double track single from a new French act to join Spinnup

 Vicennial, the new EP from Texan singer-songwriter Bethany Ann

The latest release from German artist Ahzumjot, ‘Baccup‘, which after just one week is already sitting at over 20,000 streams on Spotify.