We’re going free!

Yes, you read that correctly – Spinnup is going completely free for two whole weeks!

In celebration of our service reaching over 100,000 users, we are giving every one of our artists worldwide the opportunity to release unlimited singles, EPs and albums. Our special free release weeks will run from Friday February 17th until Friday March 3rd, 2017. Make sure you upload your last releases as early as possible on March 3rd to stay within the cutoff time and avoid disappointment.

All releases will be completely free for one whole year, after which payment will need to be made in order to keep your release online. But don’t worry, we’ll send you reminder emails closer to the time about this. For more information on our pricing, click here.

Spinnup artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties, which means that you keep every bit of money you earn once people start streaming and buying your tracks. The more releases you make and have up online, the more opportunity you have to earn money from your music. Now that’s living the dream!

If you’re new to Spinnup and aren’t sure how to go about creating a release, or you just want a reminder of how to do it properly, take a read through these FAQ pages to help you get it right the first time:

What do I need to consider when uploading my tracks?
What kind of music files can I upload?
What format must my cover art be in?

Having unlimited free releases means that you have the chance to earn a lot more pushes to send to the Spinnup Scouts! Why is this a good thing? Well more pushes = more likely to get attention of one of our Scouts = better chance of being discovered = higher possibility of signing a record deal with Universal Music. It’s happened to 30 of our artists so far, so why couldn’t it happen to you?

To get the attention of the Scouts, we strongly recommend leaving them a note in the message box when sending your push introducing yourself and asking for specific feedback. Do yourself a favour and ensure your artist profile is up to date with current information, photos and links to your social media accounts so that it’s easier for them to find out more about you.

Our friends at Cover Art Factory are also joining the party and offering all Spinnup artists a huge 30% discount on all products on their site, when they use the code SPINNUP30 at the checkout. At Cover Art Factory you can have your release sounding and looking great with their huge range of pre-made artwork designs, or take it one step further with their custom design service. Explore all the designs and options at

If you’re having any trouble creating your release take a read through our FAQs, and if you still need help you can contact our support team at

Now time to get your releases ready, we can’t wait to hear you!