Meet Chuchoter in the studio while recording their ‘Pieces’ EP

Earlier this year we met Scottish alt-pop duo Owen and Emily, aka Chuchoter, shortly after their debut Spinnup release hit our airwaves (or Spotify playlists, rather). Fast forward six months and today marks the release of their latest EP, PIECES. Culture bible The Skinny got a sneak preview of the project and gave a big, fat 4 out of 5 stars and honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Read the full review here.

While working on the PIECES EP in Edinburgh, we caught up with the duo in the studio to see what they were working on, and ask all kinds of nosy questions like what influences them and what ‘Chuchoter’ actually means.

Watch the video below, and make sure to listen to their new EP here, or stream it below the video. If you like what you hear (and who wouldn’t?!) make sure to follow Chuchoter on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

If you happen to be in the Edinburgh region next week, you can hit up Chuchoter’s official EP launch party on August 2nd, details here.