Valskrik – Fredrik Bergstrand

Introducing; Valskrik the name of the Fredrik Bergstrand’s electronic indie pop project.

Bergstrand has been in music for six years developing his already immense skill as a producer and songwriter. His new project Valskrik is little over a year old in which time it has already seen the release of “Jag Gömmer Mig Aldrig” and has been picked up by one of our SpinnUp scouts Annie Turesson.

A fondness for variety and use of real instruments is key for Bergstrand and he does not limit himself to electronic instrumentation. However, he says of synth production that it’s like ‘having an entire orchestra in your hands’. You can hear his wide ranging influences in his music, he cites MGMT, M83, Håkan Hellström, David Bowie, Radiohead and Kent as people who have colored his original sound.

With the desire to improve driving him on, he recently started a music production degree in Växjö. There he will learn new skills to develop him as carries on writing, recording and performing music. Whilst keeping this busy schedule he’ll be responding with an affirmative ‘yes’ to the gig offers that are sure to come his way.