Universal Music signs Ida LaFontaine!

It’s official! Ida LaFontaine is now signed by Universal Music/Polydor in Stockholm.

A few months ago, Ida LaFontaine released a number of songs through Spinnup. Shortly after that, she was discovered by some of Spinnup’s talent scouts and her music was given a lot of attention. She was contacted by one of the scouts – who then presented her music to the A&R’s at Universal Music. Everything happened very quickly from that point on, and she is now she signed to Universal Music/Polydor.

“There’s something about Ida LaFontaine which makes most people who encounter her, feel that they need to share her talent “.

Chris Medina, One Direction and Kim Cesarion are all examples of artists (by colleagues, in different social networks or on YouTube) have mentioned Ida LaFontaine as a future promise. A name/talent to keep an eye on, according to Polydor who in the same press release continues:

“Like Carola, Robyn and Agnes, who were all about the same age when they broke through, the 17-year-old Ida LaFontaine possesses the combination of talent, motivation, self-confidence and humility that is required for a long term career.”

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