Ulrika Uma: Ready for the spotlight

Ulrika Uma’s debut EP “Do It” is out now and proudly distributed by Spinnup. The bubbly singer-songwriter is ready to entertain listeners with a collection of self-penned, catchy pop tunes.

Hailing from Stockholm, Ulrika has been based in London for the last four years, where she’s been earning her stripes as a backing singer for several renowned artists and has gained a wealth of experience, both as a vocalist and a performer. Projects have covered the spectrum of neo-soul and jazz, right through to funk and rock, reflecting Ulrika’s versatile style.

But it’s pop that really makes the singer tick, and she puts her love of “catchy melodies” down to her mother’s fitness fanaticism and the resultant exposure to “90s dance tunes in the living room” when she was growing up. Produced by Jury Dominguez, the EP is a mixture of electro pop, r&b and dance genres, and it’s her ‘calling card’ to meet new writers and producers for future collaborations.

“The lyrics throughout ‘Do It’ are rich with life experience, tales of love, loss and fun times,” explains the artist.

Believing that hard work pays off in the end, Ulrika has big ambitions: “The best part is being on stage and performing…..and my goal is to be touring the world….and living the dream.” Join her as she begins her journey and steps into the spotlight. The debut release EP is now available in all major stores!