Ulrika Uma: My love affair with pop

Inspiration. That’s what I’m constantly looking for. As an unsigned artist doing it all on your own is hard work, so without inspiration I’d be lost. I’ve realised that heading to jam sessions and spontaneously checking out gigs are some of the best ways to find stimulation.

Every time I hear something live that’s truly exceptional, I’m always saying, “Aah maaaan I wanna do that!” and I get genuinely inspired! This can be at a metal gig or at the “Late Late Show” at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in Soho. To be open-minded and able to appreciate all styles of music feels like a truly great gift.

I started to sing when I was 16. I loved neo-soul, learned every single Erykah Badu song by heart and used to listen to Lauryn Hill’s “Unplugged” album on repeat every day on my way to and from school. I’ve written and performed most styles of music and somehow I’ve now entered the pop scene. I’ve realised this is because pop was the first genre of music that I liked and got seriously interested in. My mum was very much into fitness and through the music she worked out to, I discovered an eternal passion for catchy melodies. I guess this style of music was embedded from an early age because I just couldn’t kick the pop habit. It has stayed with me till now and was the inspiration for my debut EP “Do It”.

My journey as a self-released artist has only just begun but, even though I’m just finding my wings as a solo artist, I’m no stranger to the live music scene. I have always been creating music with bands in some way, but now I am doing it on my own and I’m up for any challenge that comes my way. I cannot wait to show the world what is going to happen next.

Listen to Ulrika Uma – I’m Gonna Do Me.