Top Music Production DAW’s 2020

There is a lot of loved recording software available, which is great, but how do you choose which one to get, and which is right for you? To make things simple chose to dive into the two that have risen to the top.

Two that are routinely used in major recording studios throughout the world, these are:


Logic Pro X



We touch on what is great about them, and what’s not so good, and encourage you to have a nosey on youtube to see people using them. Here’s a head start with the basics of Logic Pro X

The costs involved to have either of the above are not as much as you may think. It wasn’t long ago that paying for studio time was cheaper than buying recording software. Now, especially the way the last few months have gone, it’s a great time to consider setting up a home studio. It’s a great time to be alive!


Logic Pro X comes in at £199.99

Protools sits at £499.00 – subscription option is also offered


(Correct at time of writing)


This isn’t to say these are your only two options. There is of course a tonne of great free software you can start with. Read our free software guide and choose the best one for you. Then you can move to a paid software when you’re ready (and if you want to).


Ok team, let’s dive in:


Logic Pro X and Protools are digital audio workstations. Otherwise known as DAW. A DAW is used to record, produce, and mix music.

Both have excellent features to help musicians record and produce a radio ready track.

Stuck with your music industry acronyms and definitions? Check out our A-Z Music Industry Glossary

Pro Tools is currently the industry standard with its advanced editing capabilities. Logic Pro X is not to be ignored however, and is used in many recording studios with high profile artists for its intuitive interface.

Logic Pro X is for Mac only and Pro Tools can be used with Windows and Mac. Some may say that those in the industry, signed and unsigned, are exclusively drawn to Mac. Meaning if you’re a musician, chances are you own a Mac or have access to one and therefore compatibility with Logic Pro X isn’t an issue. Bonus!


What’s great about Logic Pro X?


Good things:

    • -Easy for beginners to get the hang of
    • -Intuitive interface
    • -Good for recording and mixing music
    • -Easy to add effects
    • -Comes with a lot of plugins and audio effects included
    • -Free updates


Slightly less good things:

  • Audio editing could be better to deal with more complex projects


There are more than enough plugins (sounds) to choose from to make a track that’s worth listening to. No need to purchase extra when you’re first starting out. Have a play and get to know the software and what it offers. When you are ready to increase your plugin library there is much waiting for you – from a few dollars to thousands. Whatever your budget fits.

This software is suited to both the home studio and the commercial studio. Many who start with Logic Pro continue to use it in a commercial setting as they progress professionally.


Where could I look for more plugins?

Searching ‘plugins for logic pro x’ is a great start. Also asking around fellow producers. They will have experience with what is considered good value and where to buy from. Some examples are:



Komplete Kontrol



What’s great about Pro Tools?


This DAW is considered high end and many producers gravitate towards it. It’s not as intuitive or beginner friendly as Logic Pro, but offers a more complex editing capability that people enjoy. You might find Pro Tools is better suited to a commercial studio.


Good things:

    • -Deals easily with complex editing
    • -Comes with some stock plugins
    • -Good recording quality
    • -Considered industry standard
    • -A powerful software


Slightly less good things:

    • -Not beginner friendly
    • -Interface a little outdated in appearance
    • -Could have more plugins included


Those who want to be professional audio engineers and producers gravitate towards this software.


Where could I buy more plugins?

Some examples are:


Echo Boy

Komplete Kontrol

Make sure to always check compatibility of plugins with your chosen DAW before purchase.


Now what? How does one chose between Logic Pro X and Pro Tools?

Well, let’s simplify it. Do you want an intuitive software that’s affordable and works well with a home studio AND a commercial studio? Logic Pro X wins in our opinion

Do you want to work in a commercial studio and become a professional audio engineer and producer? Pro Tools will probably give you the editing capabilities you need.

Following on from the standards of recording software, we’ve heard great things about Ableton Live. If you’re a DJ or live performer, this cool software might change your live set for the better. It integrates well for performers who use electronically triggered sounds and drummers have been known to use it with a pad like Maschine (or similar) when there is no stage space for a drum kit. Or when a set calls for something new. Would be perfect for a live stream concert too!

Costs sit around £365 (at time of writing).

There are so many YouTube tutorials on how to use the recording software we’ve written about. Such an awesome opportunity to learn new skills. The knowledge base of others is readily accessible so please use it. For the beginners here, recording software is not as scary as it looks. Spend time learning the basics and it’ll make sense in a relatively short period.

For those of you who are more advanced, consider making a YouTube video to help a beginner understand one aspect of the software you use. If you’re not into teaching, upload a song with us instead. Show us what you’re capable of creating because our distributing with Spinnup offers the chance of a Universal Music Group rep hearing your music and offering a deal. It’s happened many times (83 at the time of writing, to be exact) and the world loves great music. We want to share your talent with as many people as possible.


And if you feel like sharing more, send us a message on social to tell us what DAW you use and why. Let’s see who likes Logic Pro and who is into Pro Tools.


Good vibes from your Spinnup family