Tips for finding a studio and producer

Studios and producers go hand in hand.  When you find a studio you like, you also have to vibe well with the producer – if you want to make a track of any significance.

When you find a producer you like, what the studio looks like doesn’t matter.  Don’t get caught up in how a studio looks.  Certainly the equipment must be up to a standard that can accomplish a commercially viable sound, but you can be in a small room and doing vocals from an adjacent cupboard if you want.

Some people wish to hire a producer and then a separate studio. This can be time consuming while in session as the producer will not always be ‘au fait’ with a hired studio’s set up.  This often adds an air of tension. While it’s possible, it is better to use a producer with their own studio, or at least their own set up in a studio.


Two key tips to find a studio/producer combo:


  • DM independent artists you love and ask where they record and who they work with. People are happy to recommend good producers and studios.


  • Search studios in your city and go in to meet the team. Have all of your questions ready and know what you want to achieve in a recording session, so they can guide you on price.  Make your research days fun – it is exciting!


You will either find a studio you love and choose a producer who works at that studio. Or, you will find a producer first and then check out their studio.  Either way, working with a producer YOU like will make recording a whole heap of awesome.  Spinnup artists have found great guidance and project collaboration at Abbey Road.



Here are 5 things to look for in a producer:


1)   You vibe well with them – you feel relaxed in their presence, and them in yours.


2)   They draw new things out that you didn’t know you were capable of – a good producer will  help you be the best you can be, and will help you create a polished sound.


3)   They ‘get’ what you are wanting to write and help with the direction of the track


4)   They give you the space to be creative around them


5)   They help you to tell the best story possible – whatever that means for you


Some artists will draw from a handful of producers to complete a project. There are vocal producers, mixers, live producers, and the list goes on.  You are allowed to utilise more than one on a project, whatever your heart (and budget) desires.  Your project is your artistic spin on the world, so take the time to find the right people to work with.  Sometimes the artist/producer combo creates such a distinct sound it becomes instantly recognisable. Back when Mariah Carey started out she used Walter Afanasieff and the sound from her early records is distinct.  Other dynamic duos are Eminem and Dr Dre, Muse and Robert Lange, Adele and Rick Rubin.

It can take hard work but you will find someone to create a wonderful project with.  Keep the faith!


When you have your mitts on the freshly recorded tracks, we can help you get your music OUT THERE!