Three young artists who are ready to take on the world!

In May 2015, we held a streaming competition for our Spinnup artists. Five artists went to the final event where a winner was chosen. However, there were three artists in the running who happened to be too young to participate in the final event. Since they did so well, we wanted to introduce to you these three young acts:

Pontus Rasmusson
Teen-sensation Pontus Rasmusson’s explosion onto the music scene has been several years in the making. The success of his EP CLOSER and several singles on iTunes, Spotify and many other online music stores have taken him from nobody to somebody. Pontus started to sing before he could talk and music came naturally to him from his early years.

Pontus’s YouTube channel has nearly half a million views from people keen to see his live and music videos. His covers, and his own produced material, have gained him thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter and a rapidly growing Facebook fanbase (almost 10k likes).

Pontus’s motto underpins his ambition to sing what he loves: “to achieve, you must be fighting”. 

With 11 singles, including his brand new single This Is Love (you can listen to it here) and an EP, things are set to prosper even further for Pontus Rasmusson. We predict an exciting career, that is ready to take him all over the world. Pontus is going to continue producing new music and covers. Look out for him; someday he might come to your city.

Check out his profile here!

Hovzter is a 14 year-old DJ/Producer: real name Pontus Nilsson from the Swedish city Uddevalla. His first single “What Time Is It” quickly became popular on Spotify when it was released in May 2015.

“I’ve always been interested in music. I learned about fruity loops when I was 11 or 12 and really liked it. I’ve been making music almost every day since. 10 years from now, I hope to be playing at big festivals, releasing lots of music on big labels and be in the music industry as a full-time job. That would really be a dream come true!”

Check out his profile here!

Mazen Awad
Mazen is 15 years old and loves to produce and write his own songs. He’s very creative: he can play the guitar, piano and the drums. He loves to sing and perform.

He has always loved music and singing, but just did it for fun until he was about 11 years old. That’s when he discovered a studio near where he lived. “I wanted to make a song, so I went there and made my first cover and posted it on YouTube. That’s how it started.”

As time went on, he started to like music more and more. He already loved to sing and perform. He was told that what he was doing was good, too, so he continued doing what he loves: music! “I can’t see myself not living out my dream.. which is being an international pop star.”

When we asked what he would be doing in 10 years, he replied:
“In 10 years I can see myself have reached my dreams. I will have released a hit song and made a World tour. I will have sold out Madison Square Garden and will have reached the climax of my career.”

Check out his profile here!