The Latest Signing from Spinnup: ALFONS

Universal Music has signed another great act from Spinnup! We caught up with Alfons to find out all about his journey with Spinnup and his aspirations for the future.

Congrats on being signed to Universal Music/Svenska Inspelningar! Please tell us how it all happened.
Well… I basically uploaded the songs I had made via Spinnup, and eventually I watched my song Ganjaman grow. About 3 months later a couple of major labels had contacted me and one of them was Universal Music!

What is your musical background and when did you begin playing music?
I have played guitar since I was about 11 years old. I started to produce on my own at the age of 15, I think. Besides that I have also been the manager of the band Albatraoz, with whom we toured etc.

Who inspires you?
Hmm… That is a very good question. I would say that Queen are one of my biggest inspirations music-wise. Others that inspire me in general are, believe or not, doctors and medical researchers. One of them is Jonas Salk who invented the vaccine for polio, without patenting it, in order to make it free for everyone – that’s big.

The response to your music has been insane! How do you feel about everything that is happening now?
Yes, it has been very good! Both Eric Saade’s song for the Melodifestival, and also the Alfons project “Ganjaman”, which has gone viral.

I just came home from the supermarket “ICA”, where they played my song. The fact that I heard my own voice singing trough the speakers in the supermarket on an ordinary Monday is absolutely surreal.

What are your expectations for this year?
I want to be world famous and… get more likes than Justin Bieber!!! Haha no.. seriously, I will just continue doing my thing, as I always have – whether I get 5 or 50 million views. But I want to gig on different venues and clubs and make all the dancefloors go bananas!

I’m looking forward to working with Per (Managing Director Swe/SVP Nordic, Universal Music) and Mikael (A&R Manager at Svenska Inspelningar, Universal Music), as I think we could make great things together and inspire others!

What’s happening next – any releases, gigs or tours coming up?
Yes! The Ganjaman Tour began last week when I flew to Val Thorens and had two gigs! The tour will continue in different cities, countries, festivals, clubs etc – you name it! 🙂

Listen to his hit Ganjaman on Spotify today!