The importance of an artist website – taking your music to the next level

So you’ve recently made a release with Spinnup and are confused as to what to do next. In the eyes of many musicians, there is only one way to craft your way to the top – by forging an online presence on free social sites including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. But whatever happened to building a personal website? Are they still important in the musical sphere?  Are they worth investing in?

The answer to these questions is YES – in a world where first impressions are key, running a slick, well designed website is imperative to you as a musician. With fans waiting for you to dazzle them and competition flying around, social networking just isn’t enough to promote yourself and your journey anymore. A website separates you from the rest; it is convenient, helps you engage with new fans and connect with old ones but also allows your followers to get to grips with who you are.

Having your own website also makes you look super professional and serious about your career – there really is no better way to increase your credibility and get people hitting play. Building a customized website is also not as expensive as people think. Platforms such as WordPress offer some awesome free templates meaning all you need to spend money on is your domain name and your website hosting. Furthermore, one of the best things about having your own corner of the internet is the freedom and control. Unlike social platforms, you can set up mailing lists but keep all contact information from them too. WordPress offers detailed website insights along with Google Analytics – the perfect way to keep an eye on your traffic and improve your site all the time. Score!

To summarise, running a website allows you to invest in yourself, create great content, use your social networking accounts to direct traffic to your website and get people coming back for more!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on having a website and if you do, which platform you use!