Introducing: The Fleurs

This week we introduce a group that has been with Spinnup since the beginning: The Fleurs. The Fleurs is a duo consisting of Emely Majrel and Kim Hagen.

What is your musical background, and when did you start with music?
Emely: My mother used to tell me that I started singing before talking or even crawling. My first memory from growing up is sitting on the floor in front of my brothers CD collection, listening to every single one of the albums, for hours and hours. It took me some time to figure out how the record player worked, but then nothing could stop me! When I had figured out how to speak, I started my own music career, performing covers of songs by Marianne Rosenberg (German singer) in front of the mirror. When I turned five I started playing violin, and a year later piano. By the age of twelve I had formed my own band, and the rest is history, as they say.

Kim: I pretty much found an interest for music by myself, since my parents were not into instruments. The curiosity started when I was thirteen, as I laid hands on my grandfathers old Yamaha guitar – which, up to that point, had been used more as decor than an instrument. I have barely put down the guitar since.

Who or what inspires you?
We get inspired by all the good music that’s already out there. Films are another major source of inspiration. With The Fleurs, we reason more like an art project than a band, as we strive to create a feeling with everything we do. As an example, we’ve decided that every music video we make will be a tribute to a film, TV show or director. For our first song “Basic Instinct”, Twin Peaks and David Lynch caught our attention. But it was actually a coincidence that the song was released the same day that Twin Peaks got renewed for a new season, 25 years after the latest episode aired. So I guess you could say, that this is The Fleurs way of saying thanks to everyone involved with creating the new season – we’re sure it”s going be great.

How has your music been received?
The stuff we do is no “middle of the road” music, it’s much too dark and melancholy. It’s hard to pigeonhole in to any particular genre, but our scout at Spinnup has described it as a more pensive Björk. With that said, some seem to really enjoy it. The feedback we get is actually quite overwhelming. And we have Spinnup to thank for that.

What are your expectations for the upcoming year?
Last year have been sort of a musical boot camp for us, basically only rehearsing and writing. But now we feel that we are ready to finally go public with the project. The plan is to gig regularly and keep on recording, a new single is already on the way – and the goal is to release six more under 2015.

What does the rest of the year have to offer? What’s happening next?
As we mentioned earlier, playing live is the next big thing, and something we’re really looking forward to! The Fleurs is a band that belongs on a nightclub scene, so the plan is to start off in the mecca of nightclubs, Berlin. But we do have a few gigs in store for Sweden as well, those will take place in winter and spring next year.


Listen to their single Basic Instinct on Spotify!