Sunny day with Zackarias and F!L!P on stage!

After we had annouced that Zackarias and F!L!P were the winners of the Comhem goes Spinnup competition – they couldn’t have been more thrilled!

We met up with the bands in the lounge shortly before it was time for them to hit the stage and got suprised how calm it was in the atmosphere. In that moment we knew that all was going to be just fine and how they were in control.

This was F!L!P’s bigger event and wow how comfortable he looked on stage to his hit song “summertime” which was a perfect song for the sunny day at Kungens Kurva. With K-House backing up along him, another spinnup artist, they really gave everything they had! Also, we got a pre-taste of his upcoming single which he did with excellence, knowing it’s still in the making.

Zackarias, we’ve seen before at Hudikkalaset and as they’ve been busy with making music ever since year 2009, you can both hear and see it in their performances. These five guys sure knows how to act, have great dynamics and get the audience involved. After they had performed the no. 1 song “Kontroll”, we all laughed to the singer’s talking to the audience “Don’t be too generous with the applause, we’ll blush” which also shows personality and humour on stage.

Thanks to all that came out on Saturday and Com Hem & Elgiganten for making this happening! Of course, big thanks to Zackarias and F!L!P as giving us a great show!

Check out the pictures from the event here