SubmitHub: How It Works

Many of you have already come across our special collaboration with SubmitHub, and many of you have made a new release and claimed your free premium SubmitHub credits – bravo!

We have started the new year with this fantastic promotion to help our artists’ releases get heard by more people and perform better than ever before.

We explained in our announcement article what SubmitHub is, but how exactly does it work? We’re here to break it down for you.

In short, SubmitHub is a genius site that allows you to draw attention to your release by reaching some of the most influential blogs, Youtube channels and Spotify playlist curators in the world in just a few steps. With a little luck, your music will meet the taste of the respective editors and your track or album will be featured on their pages or in their playlists.

According to their site, SubmitHub already has over 600 blogs and partners active, which theoretically can reach over 70 million fans worldwide – just imagine having that many listeners. In total, there have already been over 5 million submissions via the platform, with an average response rate of almost 80%. Sounds like a dream when you remember how many blogs have never replied to your emails before, doesn’t it?



We’ll show you how to promote your release via SubmitHub!

Step by step:

• Upload your release, fill in information and buy credits

• Select preferences, blogs and playlists that you want to sample

• Send it, done!

Upload release – what should you look out for?

Very important: Pay attention to the full picture and provide as much as you can. The more information you give to the editors, the easier it is for them to get a picture of you and your music. Upload your release as a link (e.g. Soundcloud or Spotify) OR as an MP3. Next enter artist, title and further information, e.g. if it is a remix, when the track was released and which similar artists come to mind.

Your own artist profile should contain all social links to your channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc., should have an artist bio text (if you’re submitting to international blogs, make sure this is in English) and some press photos can’t hurt. At the very least the artwork for your release should be there.

Finally, in order to select the blogs and channels you want to sample, i.e. send your music to, you need to mark at least one genre that musically suits your release. You can also use the menu on the left to set a variety of other filters, such as sorting by country, language etc., to determine exactly where you want to focus your campaign.

In the last step before submitting your release, you have another 200 characters to make your release appeal to the blogs in a few words. At the end, click “Submit”, wait, and keep your fingers crossed.



What are the differences between the credits?

Premium credits have to be bought (or given to you for free from us when you make a release), but they offer you a few clear advantages: if you redeem them, SubmitHub guarantees you individual feedback from the sampled blogs and playlist curators within 48 hours, otherwise you will get the credits refunded and can use them again. In addition, the media you submit to must listen to your release for at least 20 seconds before they can make a decision and send you written feedback. Alternatively, you can set a parameter that the editors to listen to the song for at least 90 seconds, but then you won’t get written feedback. So it’s up to you how you want it to work.

Then we have the standard credits. You get them for free on top (two credits every 4 hours you stay on the platform) – but their effectiveness is limited because the blogs you write to don’t necessarily have to listen to your release when you send it to them.

With our current campaign, you will get your first premium credits for free if you upload your next release to Spinnup by February 14th at the latest. And if you want to treat yourself to a second helping at the blog promo buffet, take a few pounds/euros/dollars in your hand and purchase some more – trust us, it can really pay off for your release.

And if your release does well, you could also land yourself in the list of SubmitHub’s ‘Rising Stars’ chart, which ranks the artists whose music is performing the best and being featured by the most SubmitHub blogs, playlists and such.



The prices for premium credits at SubmitHub are in dollars (but are automatically converted to local currency if you pay with Paypal). For 5 Premium Credits we paid USD$6 and the more credits you buy at once, the bigger the discount.

Last but not least – another interesting feature at SubmitHub. is the “Hot Or Not” section, where you can have your release rated and rated by other users and do the same in return for others. Thanks to this tool you can collect important feedback aside from blogs and playlists to improve your sound or your songwriting and composition skills.

You don’t have to – but in between, it brings a little fun, and in the best case give valuable feedback for your work – and also shortens the waiting time until the first feedback arrives on your pitches.

So there you have it, now go forth and conquer the best release promo of your life. For more tips on promotion, make sure to download our guide to self-promotion for independent artists.

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