Leading music streaming site Spotify has announced it’s rolling out a limited beta of Spotify Fan Insights – a new dashboard that helps artists better understand their Spotify listeners, to more effectively grow and engage their fan base.

Fan Insights will be able to give artists the following information:

– Who their fans are, including demographic information.
– Where their listeners are in the world and how this audience is evolving and growing over time.
– How their fan base is listening and their other music preferences.
– The level of passion and engagement of fans and how these behaviours differ between passionate and casual listeners.

This could be used as an extremely useful tool for artists to better understand their fan base and their behaviours. You can get to know your fans on a deeper level and learn how they have discovered your music, which in turn gives you the info you need to promote your single and album releases, create a conversation with your audience and much more.

Spotify have said the limited beta has begun rollout on desktop computers and a basic version is available on mobile. You can request access to the Insights by clicking here.