Earn Credits through SubmitHub

Listen up. It’s a new year. It’s 2019, and it’s time to kick things into gear. We’re starting off the year with a special offer for Spinnup artists to amplify their music using SubmitHub.

If you’re not familiar with SubmitHub (and you really should be), it’s a website that makes it easier than ever for artists to send their music to over 600 bloggers, Spotify playlisters, YouTube channels, record labels and more.

Most of you don’t need to be told how much it could mean for your music and your career to be placed on a prominent playlist, featured on a much-hyped blog, or posted on a huge YouTube channel.

When you submit a song to your chosen person or brand, they will make a decision about whether they want to feature it or not. If they do – lucky you – you’ll receive valuable coverage and promotion. If they don’t, they’ll send you a message to say why, and often provide feedback on your music.

To submit your tracks, you need to purchase SubmitHub credits, but for a month from January 14th Spinnup artists will receive free premium credits for ONE release per artist. Once you have submitted your release on Spinnup you will be sent a voucher for SubmitHub credits in your order confirmation email from us. If you make multiple releases in this month you will only receive the credits for your first release.


If you make a release from January 14th – February 14th you will receive:

3 SubmitHub premium credits for a Single release

4 SubmitHub premium credits for an EP release

5 SubmitHub premium credits for an album release


To redeem your SubmitHub voucher, you must do it on the dedicated page for Spinnup artists, available here.


And you are of course welcome to purchase more credits from SubmitHub to push your music to even more playlisters, bloggers, YouTubers and labels. For more information on how it all works, visit SubmitHub’s FAQ page.

We’ve given you a few days’ head start to get your audio and artwork ready for Monday, and you have a month to make the most of this special offer to get your music heard further and wider than ever before.

Once you submit your track on SubmitHub you just may find another special code waiting for you at the end 😁

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