Spinnup Spotlight – Upside Down

One day, Spinnup superstar Riverside posted onto his socials that he was looking for some female vocals to feature on some of his upcoming tracks. We’ve had our eye on the New Zealand born producer for a while so, we shared the post to help him in his search. It just so happened that Spinnup artist MarLou saw our instagram stories post that day, with both artists distributing through Spinnup, and reached out to Riverside.




We are so happy she did because the world now has “Upside Down”, the second releases’ from songwriter/producer Riverside and MarLou following a successful debut earlier in the year. Recording the top line from her home setup, the uplifting and fun track combines elements of EDM drops, moombathon rhythm and pop hooks with a stellar vocal performance from Germany born vocalist.


We’ve said it before as part of our Creators United Initiative and we’ll say it again. When times get tough, creators create (Don’t forget to join our Creators United Group). Even during lockdown and quarantines, these two incredible talents still continued to produce greatness as MarLou explained “Production wise it all happened pretty fast and worked out very well, sending him my vocals, receiving a revision and communicating via social media”. With Riverside working with frequent production collaborators in the United States and Norway for the polished sound in the final product, the song is true testament to making music in the online age.


“I think our song is best proof for showing that music making in the digital age knows no borders and offers so many amazing opportunities.” -MarLou


The “fresh” & “cool” Upside Down is now available now via Spinnup all major streaming services. Release your music with us TODAY